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Young & Restless Preview: Victor’s Prisoner May Be Discover by [Spoiler] — and Can Anyone Stop Ashley’s Alters?


Young & Restless Preview: Victor’s Prisoner May Be Discover by [Spoiler] — and Can Anyone Stop Ashley’s Alters?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 20 – 24, Nikki’s home! Read on for the details and watch the video below.

Ashley’s psychiatrist friend Alan rebuffed her alter who was seeking a romantic relationship with him, telling her that wouldn’t be professional. This ticked off the alter, and Alan warned Traci he was becoming concerned about some of Ashley’s more forceful alters, and yes there was more than one. Her one alter, Ms. Abbott, then began to set her sights on killing Tucker!

Ashley park YR CBS

Coming up next week, Ashley’s alter Ms. Abbott tells Tucker, “This place isn’t open for hours, so we have all the privacy in the world.” In her head, Belle frets, “Oh no! Are you going to kill Tucker right now?!”Will one of them stop Ashley’s other alters, or can Ashley take charge and stop them all herself?

Victor has fooled everyone into thinking Jordan fell to her death, when in fact, he’s been hiding her in a cage in his basement. He’s also been tormenting her, forcing her to drink Vodka as she did Nikki, serving her the one food she despises, and making her nauseous, roasted Brussels sprouts!


Next week, Cole tells Victor, “I think you’re hiding something. I don’t know what it is or why you’re doing it. But every time I talk to you lately, I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole truth.” Cole watches Victor carrying a serving tray through the hallway. Is Victor about to be busted?

Nikki wheels her suitcase into the ranch and calls out, “Victor?! Are you home? Victor?” Whatever you do Nikki, just don’t go looking for him in the basement!

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