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“Who is in charge?” – HotAir


“Who is in charge?” – HotAir

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted a tweet Thursday that asked a good question. He asked who is in charge. He said Americans have a right to know.

That tweet has over a million views as of this morning. Governor Abbott isn’t the only one with that question. I’ve been one of many White House observers who think Joe Biden is not the one in charge in the White House. The people around him are running the country, IMHO. I think that is why Biden’s presidency has been a complete and utter failure. 

Joe Biden thinks he has great legislative success in his term as president. That is because those around him tell him that. For Team Biden, success is spending trillions of taxpayer money on advancing the fever dreams of progressive voters. For example, the Inflation Reduction Act was passed on a party-line vote. It is the Green New Deal 2.0. It’s not about inflation, it’s about increasing taxes on “the wealthy” and increasing the number of IRS agents.

Governor Abbott is battling the Biden White House over securing the Texas border with Mexico. The southern border has been ignored since Biden took office in 2021. When he signed executive orders on his first day to undo policies and agreements put in place by Donald Trump, he opened the border. When he campaigned, he said that migrants should surge on the border. They took him at his word and they have been doing so ever since. Biden signed the EOs and that was that. He went on his merry way without bothering to pay attention to the mayhem that happened. It continues to this day. 

The Hur report points to Joe Biden’s criminal handling of classified documents. Just as alarming is the conclusion that Hur is not seeking to charge Biden with anything because he is not capable of going through a trial. He would be portrayed as an old man who has lost his memory and Hur believes it would be a waste of time to pursue a conviction. 

So, who is in charge at the White House? The Hur report confirms what many of us have suspected for a long time – Joe Biden is not in charge. He has a very light work schedule, taking a record-setting 40% of his time in the office for time off, either at one of his homes in Delaware or at Camp David. He leaves early on Friday and returns to the White House often not until Monday evening. If America was experiencing peace and prosperity, that might not be such a big deal. But, we are not, and having a president who takes weekends off regularly is not a good look. 

With whom should Governor Abbott talk about the White House’s opposition to what he is doing in Texas? Who in the inner circle is propping up an incapacitated Joe Biden in order to retain power? Is it Jill Biden? Kamala Harris? Chief of Staff Jeffrey Zients? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama? Your guess is as good as mine. I think the decisions are being made by a committee, leaning heavily on Barack Obama for guidance. The White House admitted that Obama was brought in to consult on AI strategy. When did Obama become an expert in AI? 

Democrats are free now, thanks to the Hur report, to admit that Biden is not up to the job. He isn’t up to campaigning for re-election, either.

I wrote earlier today that Democrats are circling the wagon. They don’t want to get rid of Biden, at least not right now, and they don’t want President Harris, either. They need a plan to replace Biden on the 2024 ticket and jump over Harris as the nominee. They aren’t ready for any of that because they have been too busy committing fraud on the American people. They have been complicit in pretending that Biden is fine, just fine. There is no concern about his advanced age, his physical frailty, and certainly no concern about his mental acuity. They pretend it is Donald Trump who is not up to being president. Democrats are master gaslighters. They accuse others of what they are doing. 

Yes, it is elder abuse. Democrats don’t care. Power by any means necessary is their mantra. Hillary Clinton used to be fond of saying the ends justify the means. 

Remember in 2022 when it was reported that Jill Biden confronted Joe’s staff as to why they allowed a big (rare) press conference to drag on when clearly the president was floundering? 

The president is completely dependent on his staff to protect him. They write out his note cards every day. They make lists of journos to call on during press briefings. They scream at reporters to leave the room when they end a press opportunity with the president. 

None of this gives me pleasure to write. We are in a national crisis. It’s an international crisis, too. Our allies and our enemies are paying attention.

Our enemies are gleeful but our allies must be as alarmed as we are. Our suspicions have been confirmed about the leader of the free world. 

In a sane world, Jill Biden and Biden’s family would rally around him and get him off the stage gracefully. Let the man go to Delaware and retire on the beach. That won’t happen. They are the ones pushing him to continue on, to run for re-election. 

If Democrats try to ride this one out and carry on as though everything is normal, they will face the fury of the media. We saw it during Biden’s address last night when the White House press corps screamed out at him if he would step down. They have permission now to go at him and I think they will. Biden has ignored the press for more than three years. They are ready for this moment. 

I’ll end with this. Clinton-era strategist Paul Begala admits this is all very bad for Democrats and suggests that Biden focuses on trashing Trump.

Will that work? 

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