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What Is Microsoft Copilot? How to Use Bing AI Chatbot

microsoft copilot


What Is Microsoft Copilot? How to Use Bing AI Chatbot

Microsoft Copilot Pricing

Copilot is available through the Bing search engine and Windows operating system at no cost to users. However, to access Copilot throughout the other services listed above (Teams, Outlook, and Office), you’ll have to pay a little extra.

Microsoft Copilot is an add-on for the Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans, costing $30 per user, per month. The add-on is only available with the Microsoft 365 E3 plan, which costs $36 per user, per month, and the Microsoft 365 E5 plan, which costs $57 per user, per month.

So, if you want Microsoft Copilot with the E3 plan, you’ll have to pay $66 per user, per month total, while the add-on with the E5 plan will cost you $93 per user, per month. All that to say, the addition of the AI chatbot will not come cheap, which is why it’s reserved for your enterprise-level businesses.

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Is Microsoft Copilot free?

While it’s not nearly as advanced as the Microsoft 365 iteration, there is a version of Copilot that you can use for free. The Bing search engine offers a version of Copilot that can answer questions and generate content.

Additionally, Windows 10 and Windows 11 users will find the button available in the task bar, as long as they’ve downloaded the most recent version of the software.

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