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Weight loss without workout: 8 ways to shed kilos if you can’t sweat it out this summer | Health

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Weight loss without workout: 8 ways to shed kilos if you can’t sweat it out this summer | Health

Heatwave can derail daily routines including the fitness schedule. If you are not able to find time for workout due to intense heat or some other unavoidable reason, and fear piling up extra kilos, you don’t need to worry. An expert shares healthy and effective ways to shed weight without exercise. Extended periods of inactivity, however, can be risky and adversely affect your health. If for some reason, you are not able to hit the gym or find time to walk, there are other aspects of wellness that can aid in weight loss. (Also read: Climbing stairs vs walking; which is a better exercise for weight loss?)

If for some reason, you are not able to hit the gym or find time to walk, there are other aspects of wellness that can aid in weight loss.(Freepik)

Many people have the tendency to gain weight due to stress or lack of sleep. By managing these two factors, one can lose decent amount of weight. Consuming a diet rich in protein and fibre can help you lose weight too as it helps curb cravings and keep you full for longer. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water will ensure you do not mistake thirst for hunger. This will also help improve your metabolism. Cutting back on sugary foods and beverages is a highly effective way to lose weight without workout.

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“As the temperatures soar, shedding those extra pounds can seem like an uphill battle, especially for those who find it challenging to incorporate exercise into their routine. However, with strategic dietary and lifestyle changes, achieving weight loss goals without hitting the gym is entirely feasible,” says Dr. Neeti Sharma, Senior Consultant in Nutrition & Dietetics at Marengo Asia Hospitals, Gurugram.


Dr Sharma shares eight effective ways to help you slim down this summer without workout:

1. Stay hydrated:Often, thirst can be mistaken for hunger. By staying adequately hydrated throughout the day, you can curb unnecessary snacking and maintain a healthy metabolism. Opt for water-rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and tomatoes to boost hydration levels.

2. Portion control:Mindful eating is key to weight management. Be conscious of portion sizes and avoid overeating, especially during summer gatherings and barbecues. Utilize smaller plates to trick your brain into feeling satisfied with less food.

3. Prioritise protein:Incorporate lean protein sources into your meals to promote satiety and muscle preservation. Foods like grilled chicken, fish, tofu, and lentils are excellent options that keep you feeling full for longer periods.

4. Embrace fruits and vegetables:Load up on seasonal fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and packed with essential nutrients. These fiber-rich foods not only aid digestion but also help you feel fuller for longer, reducing the likelihood of overeating.

5. Limit sugary beverages:Sugary drinks like soda, fruit juices, and sweetened iced teas can contribute to unwanted weight gain. Opt for refreshing alternatives like infused water, unsweetened herbal teas, or sparkling water with a splash of citrus for flavor.

6. Mind your snacks:Swap out processed snacks for healthier alternatives like nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, or air-popped popcorn. These snacks provide a satisfying crunch while offering essential nutrients and keeping calorie intake in check.

7. Get sufficient sleep:Quality sleep is crucial for weight management as it regulates hunger hormones and supports overall metabolic health. Aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to optimize weight loss efforts.

8. Manage stress:Chronic stress can sabotage weight loss efforts by triggering emotional eating and promoting fat storage, particularly around the midsection. Practice stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or engaging in hobbies to promote relaxation and support weight loss goals.

By implementing these simple yet effective strategies, you can achieve your weight loss goals without the need for rigorous exercise routines. Remember, consistency is key, and making sustainable lifestyle changes will yield long-term results.

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