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Two new parties registered for upcoming parliamentary election

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Two new parties registered for upcoming parliamentary election

Two new political parties have registered with the Electoral Council to participate in the parliamentary elections on November 22. One of them is Nieuw Sociaal Contract, parliamentarian Pieter Omtzigt’s party. The other newcomer is called Algemene Politieke Partij Nederland, the Electoral Council announced on Monday.

GroenLinks and PvdA will participate with a joint list of candidates under the name GroenLinks-PvdA. Because both parties have already registered under their own names, the joint name does not have to be registered separately. The new name is, therefore, not included in the Electoral Council’s overview.

Two parties changed their names. Belang van Nederland (BVNL), MP Wybren van Haga’s party, is now registered as BVNL/Groep van Haga. The Labor Party was listed as Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.),” but now removed the full stops from the abbreviation: Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA).

A total of 54 parties are registered for the parliamentary elections. They include well-known parties from the Tweede Kamer, but also the Pirate Party, Jezus Leef, and Splinter. The number can still increase because the Electoral Council has until September 4 to decide about the last registration requests. The Electoral Council did not say how many requests are involved.

At this stage, there are considerably fewer parties than in the 2021 election. In the run-up to that parliamentary election, 89 parties were registered. Of these, 37 ultimately participated in the elections.

Parties must submit their lists of candidates to the Electoral Council by October 9. It will decide on October 13 which parties and candidates are eligible to participate in the parliamentary election.

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