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Turkey is beginning extra bother with Greece over the Aegean islands – HotAir


Turkey is beginning extra bother with Greece over the Aegean islands – HotAir

With a lot of the world at the moment teetering on the point of struggle, or already at struggle within the case of Ukraine, why not toss one other go online the fireplace, proper? Popping out of left subject, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a warning to Greece this week to demilitarize a number of the islands within the Aegean Sea the place they’ve just lately been increasing their army footprint. The Tyrant of Turkey insisted that he was “not joking” in making these calls for and clearly gave the impression to be implying that there can be army penalties if the Greeks don’t comply. Turkey’s place relies on agreements made between the 2 nations following the Greco-Turkish wars and conflicts of 1922 by means of 1974. Turkey ceded the islands to Greece on the situation that they continue to be unarmed and impartial. Greece argues that Turkey has already been threatening army motion and so they have the suitable to defend themselves. With entry to the Black Sea already in dispute due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the stalled exports of grain from that area, one other naval battle in that area might be the very last thing we’d like. (Related Press)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday warned Greece to demilitarize islands within the Aegean, saying he was “not joking” with such feedback.

Turkey says Greece has been constructing a army presence on Aegean in violation of treaties that assure the unarmed standing of the islands. It argues that the islands have been ceded to Greece provided that they be stored demilitarized.

Greece argues that Turkey has intentionally misinterpreted the treaties concerning armed forces on its jap islands and says it has authorized grounds to defend itself following hostile actions by Ankara together with a long-standing risk of struggle if it extends its territorial waters.

Whereas Greece and Turkey are each technically allies, being members of NATO, the peace between them has all the time been uneasy at greatest. And as a lot as I hate the concept of agreeing with Erdogan about something nowadays, he sort of has some extent. The Greeks and the Turks have been combating over the islands in that area, notably Crete and Cyprus, for a really very long time. When the Turks lastly acknowledged Greek’s declare to the islands in query, it was with the reassurance that the islands would stay largely unarmed. Greece’s resolution to place new army installations within the area was provocative in that sense.

The prospect of yet one more battle there raises further questions on NATO and its involvement within the Aegean Sea. NATO is meant to be an alliance in opposition to exterior threats, primarily Russia and the previous Soviet Union. However what occurs if one NATO member assaults one other? Are all of us speculated to go to struggle in opposition to Turkey in that occasion? Turkey and Greece each joined NATO on the identical time (in 1952) however that hasn’t managed to cease them from combating a number of instances since then. If historical past affords us any path to comply with, the remainder of the NATO nations would possible sit that struggle out and simply encourage each nations to return to diplomacy.

This struggle dates again through most of recorded history, at the very least to the battles between the Byzantine Greeks and the Seljuk Turks. Extra precisely, it’s the newest model of the battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. Some years in the past, a volcano underneath the floor of the ocean briefly pushed a small island up above the water. Greece and Turkey instantly started arguing over who would personal it earlier than it sank beneath the waves once more.

With luck, this confrontation will calm again down once more. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are a lot larger issues in the mean time. We don’t want any of our allies beginning (or restarting) wars whereas we’re attempting to maintain lids on all the pots we at the moment have boiling around the globe. But when they do begin combating, the world might be watching to see if Russia affords to leap in on Turkey’s facet and whether or not or not Erdogan would settle for Putin’s assist. In that case, that ought to actually be the final straw by way of permitting Turkey to stay in NATO.

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