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Traffic jams in the south and west due to concertgoers and roadworks


Traffic jams in the south and west due to concertgoers and roadworks

There are long traffic jams on various roads, especially in the west and south of the country. It has been busy all day in Zeeland. There is a lot of traffic, especially on the A58 towards North Brabant, reports the ANWB.

Saturday was the last day of Concert at Sea, and many people who camped in the area will return home on Sunday. In addition, there is a technical fault at the Vlake tunnel on the A58, which has closed the left lane of that tunnel. That causes a delay of about 45 minutes towards Bergen op Zoom. People who take a detour via the N289 will get into a traffic jam at the Yerseke exit.

There are also long traffic jams around Rotterdam. Just like on Saturday, the Benelux tunnel in the A4 will be closed due to work that will continue until Monday morning. “That is why it is jam-packed on the A16. There are significant delays at the Terbregtseplein junction,” says a spokesperson for ANWB Traffic Information.

Traffic around Amsterdam also has to account for delays, just like on Saturday. There will be work going on all weekend on the A10 South in the direction of Utrecht and Hengelo. This means there are traffic jams on the A9, among other roads. The delay increases to about 20 minutes.

The traffic jams follow one of the longest traffic jams that occured this summer. On Saturday, a total of 146 kilometers of traffic jams formed on Dutch roads around 12:30 p.m. This made it the busiest Saturday of the year, according to Rijkswaterstaat. The traffic jams were caused by accidents, roadworks, but also border controls in the direction of Germany in connection with the European Championship.

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