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‘There’s a Lot of Misinformation’: Marvel Star Chris Evans Denies Signing a ‘Bomb’ in Resurfaced Photo


‘There’s a Lot of Misinformation’: Marvel Star Chris Evans Denies Signing a ‘Bomb’ in Resurfaced Photo

Chris Evans might have played the ultimate soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he portrayed Captain America, but in real life, the actor has nothing to do with the army. However, he did visit some troops a few years back, which led to a newly resurfaced photo.

This year, amid Israel’s ongoing war with Palestine, Captain America star Chris Evans was under fire for allegedly signing a bomb during a visit with the U.S. armed forces. Now, almost eight years since the photo was taken, Evans is clarifying the situation, reports. The actor usually doesn’t clarify every rumor about him, but this one hit home.


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There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding this picture. Some clarification: This image was taken during a USO tour in 2016,” Evans wrote on Instagram Story on Thursday. “I went with a group of actors, athletes and musicians to show appreciation for our service members. The object I was asked to sign is not a bomb, or a missile, or a weapon of any kind.

Evans added, “It’s an inert object used for training or display purposes only. You can read the quote from the Air Force in the next story,” the actor continued, sharing a link to an article from Agence France-Presse confirming his statement.

The resurfaced photograph that went viral online was reportedly from Evans’ holiday tour sponsored by the United Service Organizations. At the moment of the photo, taken in December 2016, he was in Turkey, honoring U.S. troops. An Air Force spokesperson confirmed to AFP, “The object Chris Evans is signing in the USO tour photo from 2016 is an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) inert training aid. The object is meant to model an artillery shell and is for display and training purposes only.” The backlash against Chris Evans came after the presidential candidate dropout Nikki Haley visited Israel this week and signed an artillery shell, with a controversial message to the Israeli army.


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Some Fans Aren’t Happy With Chris Evans’ Explanation

Chris Evans might have felt it was necessary to clarify the context behind the resurfaced photo, but that wasn’t enough for everyone. Following his comments, some people thought that his explanation wasn’t sufficient, despite the object not being a real bomb.

“Chris Evans clarifying that he didn’t sign a real bomb but instead a training decoy of a bomb is not the serve he thought it was,” wrote @kermywermy on X. While some fans tried to reason that Evans signed the object for the people training to deactivate bombs, the OP noted, “it’s a model of an artillery shell and he decided that clarifying the backstory of this photo was more important than clarifying whether or not he’s pro Palestinian lmfao.”

The actor hasn’t publicly addressed the war yet, which is the source of some fans’ disapproval.

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