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The Solar Eclipse 2024 in Photos From Across the U.S.

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The Solar Eclipse 2024 in Photos From Across the U.S.

Today, in one of the greatest one-day migrations in history, humans flocked by the millions to a swath of North America that was briefly cast in a shadow of darkness and wonder. They crowded into airplanes, buses and trains, braved traffic jams, and slept in overpriced hotels, in tents and in their cars. For a cosmic moment, they were connected across the millennia with every other person who has ever experienced an eclipse, witnessing the light die and then be reborn as a dazzling ring. — Dennis Overbye


On the Pacific Coast in Sinaloa State, the city of Mazatlán opened its baseball stadium to eclipse viewers. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also viewed the eclipse from Mazatlán.


This part of central Mexico experienced the greatest duration of the eclipse — four minutes and 28 seconds. Thousands of residents and visitors viewed the event from the baseball field at Hidalgo de Dolores Elementary School.

Cuatro Ciénegas

Amid a vast landscape of gypsum dune fields — formed over millions of years — spectators viewed the eclipse.

Eagle Pass

The border city of Eagle Pass has recently been inundated with hundreds of migrants arriving daily. Now, hundreds of people coming to view the eclipse have also arrived in the city.


The hills and granite outcroppings of the Texas Hill Country provided a serene yet dramatic environment for eclipse viewing. People there gathered for camping, drum circles, meditation, and wine tastings.


Vampire Weekend performed at Austin’s Moody Amphitheater, an experience for music and science lovers alike. Thousands of fans danced energetically while taking breaks to stare up at the sky with their eclipse-viewing glasses.


Crowds set up their picnic blankets alongside the Trinity River, which runs through Dallas, one of the largest cities to experience the total eclipse.


In the Natural State’s first state park, revelers gathered on top of the ancient geology of Petit Jean Mountain to experience totality high above the Arkansas River.


More than 100 couples were married in a giant ceremony just minutes before the eclipse, during the Total Eclipse of the Heart festival.

Saint Joe

This rural Ozark mountain town, with a population of 130, hosted thousands of visitors. Many locals planned to hunker down at home with friends and family, avoiding the crowds in town.


This part of Southern Illinois was one the most popular spots in the Midwest to view the 2017 eclipse.


At the Indianapolis Zoo, researchers, animal keepers and volunteers studied the animals’ response to the eclipse.


At Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, one of the country’s best-known drag-racing tracks, spectators camped out for an event that included a concert. As the sky grew dusky around 3 p.m. local time, two dragsters raced down the track.


South Bass, a Lake Erie island, is home to the village of Put-in-Bay and its 200 or so full-time residents. Spectators traveling by ferry overwhelmed the tiny island.


In Cleveland, NASA held an eclipse festival at the Great Lakes Science Center, while the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame streamed a live eclipse soundtrack through the city’s Rock Boxes — speakers that are placed throughout downtown Cleveland — including music by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Taylor Swift.


On Monday morning, hundreds of passengers boarded a World War II-era train on the Arcade & Attica Railroad. The train carried them on a scenic ride to a depot where passengers watched the eclipse. While the day had started sunny, clouds rolled in around noon, obscuring the main event.


Eclipse Fest, an event with games, entertainment and food, welcomed residents and visitors to Buffalo State University’s Coyer Field.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, one of the best known natural wonders, was a popular place for eclipse viewers, with a soundtrack of millions of gallons of water roaring over the falls.


Before the first pitch was thrown at a minor league game between the Syracuse Mets and the Worcester Red Sox, fans were treated to live entertainment, along with a — very cloudy — viewing of the eclipse.

Burlington, Vt.

Eclipse enthusiasts came in droves to Burlington, on the shores of Lake Champlain. Hotels sold out as travelers came for watch parties, performances and family-friendly activities.

Houlton, Maine

This small city on the border with Canada was among the last towns in the U.S. to experience the eclipse. Visitors were treated to clear skies in this normally cloudy part of the country.

Leamington, Ontario

Point Pelee National Park is on a peninsula that narrows into a sharp sandy spike jutting into Lake Erie. It’s Canada’s southernmost mainland point, and was one of the eclipse’s first stops in the country.


With 1.7 million residents, Montreal is the most populous city on the path of totality. Montrealers and visitors gathered in the city’s numerous parks to watch the eclipse.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

The small capital city of the coastal province of New Brunswick is a picturesque university town known for its network of walking and cycling trails. The city hosted EclipseFest, which featured performances, food and science exhibits

Gander, Newfoundland

On Sept. 11, 2001, residents of Gander opened their homes to thousands of passengers who were grounded after the World Trade Center was attacked. On Monday, they displayed their hospitality for a different kind of event.

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