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The Netherlands says it is not ready to recognize a Palestinian State


The Netherlands says it is not ready to recognize a Palestinian State

The Dutch Cabinet will not officially recognize the Palestinian State at this time. “Unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State does not get us any closer to a solution at this time. This requires careful consideration,” said a spokesperson on behalf of outgoing Foreign Affairs Minister Hanke Bruins Slot.

The ministry was asked to respond to decisions by Spain, Ireland, and Norway on Wednesday to recognize the Palestinian State.

The Netherlands has been in favor of a two-state solution for decades, where Israel and an independent and viable Palestinian State exist peacefully together. According to the spokesperson, recognizing the Palestinian State will be a part of a political process towards a two-state solution.

There is no support for such a step in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament. PVV MP Raymond de Roon called the Palestinians a “fake people” in a parliamentary debate last week. The biggest party in the Tweede Kamer, which is set to enter into a new governing coalition, is squarely behind Israel. The other coalition parties, VVD, NSC and BBB, also do not support following the lead of the other three European countries.

Ruben Brekelmans of the VVD thinks that what the national governments in Madrid, Dublin, and Oslo did was unwise. “Recognition of the Palestinian State should be a part of a lasting peace and a two-state solution which both sides accept. Unilateral actions only delay a solution further. And is seen by Israel as rewarding terror.”

Caspar Veldkamp (NSC) fears that the countries involved are doing this for their own benefit. “By recognizing this now, they are taking a reward off the table for a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. NSC prefers to see such a step as part of a path to resolving the conflict.”

Left-wing parties have long pleaded for the recognition of the Palestinian State. Kati Piri of GroenLinks-PvdA called what Spain, Ireland, and Norway did an important step. “An essential step for long-lasting peace is the recognition of the Palestinian State,” she said on X.

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