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The Netherlands commits another €300 million on F-16s for Ukraine


The Netherlands commits another €300 million on F-16s for Ukraine

The Dutch Cabinet has decided to spend an extra 300 million euros for F-16 fighter jets that the Netherlands is sending to Ukraine, Defense Minister Ruben Brekelmans said at the NATO Summit in Washington D.C. The money is meant to provide ammunition to arm the fighter jets.

The Cabinet previously allocated 150 million euros for this. “By buying this extra F-16 ammunition, we want to send a message to Moscow that the NATO allies will continue to support Ukraine unabated,” said Brekelmans. The minister took office at the start of the month when Prime Minister Dick Schoof and his Cabinet members were sworn in.

“With the ammunition that we purchase, the F-16s can help repel Russian attacks.” The Ministry of Defense stated that the ammunition was purchased directly from suppliers.

The Netherlands made fighter jets available for Ukraine in a joint effort with the United States and Denmark. A total of two dozen F-16s are headed to Ukraine, with the countries agreeing on additional support, like pilot training and spare parts.

The Dutch government has already sent 18 fighter jets to Romania to be used for training purposes. Brekelmans reported last Sunday that the jets will soon be sent to Ukraine.

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