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The “Improving Lives Together” program began


The “Improving Lives Together” program began

Minister of Tourism and Public Health Mr. Dangui Oduber was present at Club Roy where the kick off event of “Improving Lives Together” took place. At this event the President gave a speech addressed to all the participants who will be part of the program.

The “Improving Lives Together” program is a 3-month program where all participants receive intensive guidance from nutritionists and physical therapists. Guidance that will help participants lead healthier lives through healthy eating and physical activity. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of life of each participant.

Minister Oduber’s policy is based on prevention. In 2019, for the first time, Aruba worked on a National Plan for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs). This is a plan that was developed in conjunction with PAHO, the Department of Public Health and various stakeholders in the health field. This plan is called the NCD National Multisectoral Action Plan for 2020-2030. This plan is very important to keep the AZV fund sustainable. More importantly, this plan will ensure an increase in the quality of life in our population.

Aruba is not one of the healthiest countries, our population suffers greatly from chronic diseases. The disease that Aruba scores number one on worldwide is diabetes. Chronic diseases (NCDs) are often related to our lifestyle, unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, and other habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. All of these indicators lead to different types of chronic diseases.

Minister Oduber’s main goal is to invest and give the necessary attention to activities that prevent our people from getting sick and promote a better quality of life. These are intervention programs such as the Healthy Lifestyle Center (HLC) that opened its doors in February of this year. Minister Oduber is satisfied that in the first 7 months of HLC already they have 117 people who have come to receive guidance from our professionals. Guides from nutritionists, therapists and even coaches, all aimed at changing their lifestyle to a healthier one.

The president thanked all the professionals of the Healthy Lifestyle Center and DVG, Club Roy. Thank you also to all the employees of Club Roy who will guide the participants. Also a thank you to the Foundation Prevention in Health Aruba for helping with the funding of this project.

Minister Dangui Oduber is extremely happy and proud to be able to give the start of the “Improving Lives Together” program. Finally, the Governor congratulated all participants for the courage they displayed and wished them every success during their journey. Minister Oduber wants to create a prevention movement to inspire and motivate Arubaans to take care of their health, move, eat healthy and improve their quality of life. Together we will succeed.

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