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The 40-year delay is finally in the past


The 40-year delay is finally in the past

Minister Maduro of Finance informs: The Tax Department has started to pay restitution of income tax for 2022 The 40-year delay is finally in the past.

In May 2023 the Department of Taxation DIMP informed the community that the delay in processing the collection of Income Tax and social premiums such as AOV/AWW and AZV was history. With hard work and great dedication we have managed to eliminate this 40-year backlog for our country. DIMP immediately continued with the work to process the 2022 Income Tax return in its system and can now report that in the first half of 2023 DIMP has already paid a total of 15.4 million florins in restitution to 8286 people who are due to receive money back in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Started paying restitution for 2022

This breakthrough has meant that all those who have already filed their 2022 income tax return and who have no other outstanding tax liabilities are now receiving their final payments and can expect their refunds in the coming months. In other words, DIMP has already started paying the 2022 income tax refund.

Low criticism of MP Tromp from MAS

For a long time DIMP received a lot of criticism for this delay, but managed to continue their work in a professional manner to achieve the set goals. Recently, even MAS MP Marisol Tromp found it useful to launch a very low-key critique of DIMP saying that ‘you’re getting everyone’s balls to deliver things on time, and you’re years behind and not giving people their money back.’ Minister Maduro regrets that Parliamentarian Tromp, for lack of knowledge, interest or simply playing politics, chooses to minimize the great effort that the dedicated team of DIMP has made that is bearing fruit for the good of Aruba. It is hoped that when Parliamentarian Tromp completes his 2022 appointment and receives his restitution with priority as a Parliamentarian of the country of Aruba, that he will be able to appreciate and praise the work done by the DIMP professionals.

Many thanks to the DIMP team

Minister Maduro of Finance thanks the entire DIMP team under the leadership of Director Luenne Gomez-Pieters and especially those who worked closely to resolve this huge backlog, for the great work done for the welfare of Aruba. DIMP has more challenges ahead of it, but as managers we are convinced that together we will overcome those challenges as well. Thank you for believing in Aruba!

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