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Tech Mogul Bryan Johnson Shares Key Ingredients He Uses Daily In His Anti-Ageing Diet

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Tech Mogul Bryan Johnson Shares Key Ingredients He Uses Daily In His Anti-Ageing Diet

Tech Mogul Bryan Johnson Shares Key Ingredients He Uses Daily In His Anti-Ageing Diet

Mr Johnson is reportedly worth $400 million.

Bryan Johnson, the 46-year-old software millionaire, who is on a quest to reverse his biological age, recently shared one of the key ingredients he uses daily to keep himself looking young. In his latest YouTube video, Mr Johnson said that every day for the past “three years” he has been munching down on chocolate to help with his quest to cheat death. “Sometimes the things that are good for us we don’t do,” the tech mogul said in the video.

The 46-year-old explained a long list of benefits cocoa has on the body. He claimed that eating a healthy amount of cocoa daily can do wonders for brain health, executive function, long-term memory, and heart health.�

However, Mr Johnson also stressed that not all cocoa in the store will be “high quality”. “If you’re looking to buy high-quality cocoa, you want to look for several things; one, it’s pure cocoa; two is you want it to be undutched; three, you want to test it for heavy metals; and four, you want a high flavonol count,” he shared.

Further, Mr Johnson stressed that he’s more interested in his audience eating more “high-quality foods” than buying directly from his store. “There’s this assumption that if the food is in our supermarkets that somehow it’s gone through some process making sure it’s safe. That’s not true,” he explained.

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Then Mr Johnson showed some simple recipes in which incorporated his cocoa powder to get his daily fill. He also put some of the powder over some “super veggies” and coffee.�

Mr Johnson is known for his obsession with anti-ageing. He claims to have reversed his biological age by over 5 years and boasts improved health markers. He has invested heavily in Project Blueprint, which includes a special diet, medical monitoring, therapies, and exercise. He said that he is following a daily regimen that he claims has given him the lung capacity and physical endurance of an 18-year-old, the heart of a 37-year-old and the skin of a 28-year-old. Earlier this year, Mr Johnson also claimed to have reversed hair loss through another self-developed programme.

Notably, Mr Johnson made his fortune in his 30s when he sold his payment processing company Braintree Payment Solutions to eBay for $800 million in cash.  He is reportedly worth $400 million.

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