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Storms and hail tomorrow, but warm, dryer weekend ahead

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Storms and hail tomorrow, but warm, dryer weekend ahead

Stormy weather on Wednesday across the Netherlands could include periods of lightning and hail. The rainy spells could continue until the end of the work week, but a more pleasant, dry weekend is expected, marked by sunshine. The mercury could even rise to 25 degrees Celsius at the start of next week.

Tuesday started off mostly dry, with scattered showers predicted across the country. The high temperature was predicted to reach up to, while a mild to moderate westerly wind brings a gentle rustle to the air. More showers were expected later in the east, and overnight, the rain could hit the west, including the coast.

The overnight temperature could dip to a low point of 9 degrees inland, and 14 degrees at the seaside, with stronger winds at the IJsselmeer. Wednesday morning will kick off with partly to heavily clouded skies as showers advance from the west across the country.

The stormy weather includes a chance of hail hitting the ground. Then, in the afternoon, inland regions will fall under abundant cloud cover and occasional showers, with isolated thunderstorms in some locales as storms continue to the east and southeast of the Netherlands.

Coastal provinces will likely remain drier, and the sun could make intermittent appearances. The occasional bout of rain will come in from the North Sea, and afternoon temperatures will hover around 17 degrees in the central region, 18 degrees along the coast and up north, and 20 degrees in Limburg. A few more showers and potential thunderstorms could roll in during the evening, with the westerly wind potentially intensifying along the northern coast.

The variable weather will continue on Thursday and Friday, with precipitation likely on both days. Residents in the south may want to bring their rain gear to the office on Friday, with heavier showers expected. It could stay dry and sunny elsewhere, as temperatures climb to about 20 or 21 degrees.

More sun is expected over the weekend, with the chance of rain falling off significantly. A high temperature ranging from 21 to 24 degrees is likely on both Saturday and Sunday, with the thermometer potentially reaching 25 degrees on Monday.

“Lots of sun and considerable dry periods” are expected next week, said the KNMI. It will be the first time the entire country is back from the school holiday, with students in the northern regions returning to the classroom. The fluctuating weather could continue, with a chance of rain showers from “time to time.”

There’s a good chance the temperature will remain above average next week, too. The long-term average for this time of year is a high of 20 degrees, falling to 12 degrees overnight.

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