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Steve From ‘Blue’s Clues’ Needs His Millennial And Gen Z Fans’ Help In First TikTok


Steve From ‘Blue’s Clues’ Needs His Millennial And Gen Z Fans’ Help In First TikTok

Were you born in the 1990s or early 2000s and feel particularly nostalgic today? Great! Because Steve Burns, aka Steve from “Blue’s Clues,” has a mystery to solve, and that elusive conundrum is TikTok.

But hey, bless his Gen X heart — he is trying.

The 48-year-old actor and musician posted his first-ever TikTok on Monday and pretty much admitted that when it comes to this form of social media, the former “Blues Clues” host is completely clueless.

“I don’t know how to use TikTok … at all,” Burns says after a very cheerful, children’s show-friendly introduction.

“I kinda don’t even know what it is, if you could tell me in just like, the comments or something, I thank you,” he whispers shyly in embarrassment.

So, if you do get TikTok, hit record on your phones and help the poor man out! Send him an informative step-by-step how-to video. Tell him that users have replaced the laugh-cry emoji with the skull emoji in the comment section so he doesn’t get completely confused (and possibly frightened) when you find a TikTok he posts funny. Hell, send him the Mountain Goats’ “No Children” dance trend — if nothing else, he will recognize the song!

And why should you waste your time helping Steve out? Because he helped you a whole lot during your childhood — he broadened your vocabulary, taught you shapes, he even made salt and pepper shakers seem a lot more fun (as well as French).

Plus, he recently apologized about abandoning you to go off to college.

So think of his needs for once, because, aside from his request for help, his second TikTok proves that the guy is still clearly a giver.

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