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Steve Buscemi ATTACK SUSPECT Arrested in NYC

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Steve Buscemi ATTACK SUSPECT Arrested in NYC

May 17, 2024 MANHATTAN, New York – Clifton Williams, 50, the man accused of assaulting 66-year-old movie and tv star Steve Buscemi during a random attack in NYC has been arrested.

Video by Olga Fe ([email protected] to license)

Buscemi was left bloodied and with a black left eye after taking a punch to the face during the random broad daylight attack.

Just a week after the assault, police announced that they arrested a homeless individual in connection to the incident.

Williams, was seen escorted out of the 13 Precinct Friday evening by NYPD detectives to a waiting jail transport vehicle after being charged with the crime on the legendary actor.

Buscemi’s co-star on “Boardwalk Empire,” was also attacked at random this year. Actor Michael Stuhlbarg was assaulted while running in Central Park on the Upper East Side back in March of 2024, the suspect in that incident was also taken into custody.

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