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Stephen Colbert Roasts Taylor Swift’s Private Jet to Super Bowl


Stephen Colbert Roasts Taylor Swift’s Private Jet to Super Bowl

Following Sunday night’s Super Bowl — where Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to an overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers for their third Super Bowl victory in three years, with a beer-chugging Taylor Swift and a number of other celebs looking on in Vegas — and the post-game premiere of some generic CBS show nobody cares about, Stephen Colbert hosted a special weekend episode of The Late Show.

Colbert’s Late Show episode was taped after the Super Bowl, which meant that we got his commentary on the nail-biter of a game.

“Finally, something good happened for Taylor Swift!” exclaimed Colbert.  

The comedian then weighed in on Swift’s jumbotron beer-chugging moment with another dig at the ubiquitous music superstar, who famously jumped on a long private jet ride from an Eras Tour concert in Tokyo to Las Vegas to make the Super Bowl and has filed a legal threat against a teenage college student for tracking her private jet’s movements online.

“Have fun, Taylor. But please make sure you have a designated driver for your private jet!” quipped Colbert.

After a few more jokes about the commercials and Usher’s abs, Colbert welcomed his guests for the night: John Krasinski, Ryan Gosling, and… a special appearance from new/old Daily Show host Jon Stewart, whose first show back behind the desk will be Monday, Feb. 12.

First came Stewart, clenching a paper box of old “STUFF (Jon’s Version)” — a bunch of crap he’s been hoarding during his time under Colbert’s Late Show desk (part of a running gag where Stewart’s been “living” under the desk in his years since departing The Daily Show).

“You may have heard there’s some exciting news,” offered Stewart. “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be back hosting The Daily Show.”

“I’m only doing it on Mondays,” he added.

Then, the two inspected his living space — consisting of boxes of The Faculty DVDs, boxes of Emmys, and an alpaca.


“You know, there is one more thing, Stephen. And it’s a bit of a surprise,” said Stewart. “Ready? You’re my best friend.”

The two embraces and, through tears, Stewart and his alpaca walked off toward his new/old gig.

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