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Soap Vet Returning to Days of Our Lives as Julie’s Troublemaking Brother


Soap Vet Returning to Days of Our Lives as Julie’s Troublemaking Brother

Lock up the good china and keep one eye open, because the latest blast-from-the-past to hit Days of Our Lives has been known to stir up more than a little bit of trouble. He’s also played by a face that’s more than a little familiar to soap fans, although probably not for his time in Salem. Instead, the actor is more known for his stint on the much-missed NBC drama, Another World.

ANOTHER WORLD, from left: Stephen Schnetzer, Linda Dano, 1997, 1964-1999. ph: E.J. Carr /© NBC /Courtesy Everett Collection

It was as that soap’s Cass Winthrop that Stephen Schnetzer found an adoring audience during his 1982-1999 run. Although originally introduced as the kind of guy who loved a good shortcut and was always looking to make a buck, Cass quickly became a fan favorite, especially after he bonded with Linda Dano’s flamboyant romance novelist, Felicia Galant. So popular was Cass that both the character and his portrayer would, after Another World‘s cancellation, be incorporated into the fabric of As the World Turns, despite it being on CBS rather than NBC! But wait, there’s more, because Cass would later be called upon to defend Guiding Light‘s Tony when he wound up on trial for murder!

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Now, Schnetzer will be returning to the very first soap he ever appeared on as he steps back into the shoes of Julie’s brother, Steve Olson. (Long-time fans will recall that Olson happens to be Julie’s maiden name!) “Breaking news,” he said during an interview on The Locher Room (all of which you can watch below). “As far as I know, next week I’m flying out to L.A. — I hope I’m not giving anything up — but they’ve asked Steve Olson to come back for a couple of episodes.”

With a smile, he added, “I’ll say no more than that!”

So who was Steve Olson, aside from Julie’s brother and Hope’s half-brother? Trouble, for the most part! Time and again, the oldest child of Addie and Ben Olson got himself into the tightest of spots. When Julie gave her brother a job at a coffee shop, he stole money from the tip jar. When Julie began selling antiques, Steve sold her stolen items which she unwittingly passed on to customers. Eventually, after putting several lives in danger thanks to his involvement with a drug smuggler, Steve skipped town, never to be seen again!

Given the fact that Days tapes months in advance, we’re not likely to find out what brings Steve back, let alone whether or not he’s changed his wicked ways, for quite some time.

In the meantime, check out the ever-expanding list of actors who either have returned to Days of Our Lives or will in the near future via the gallery below! 

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