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Sexyy Red Hits Back At Joe Budden For Suggesting Drake Is Being Paid To Promote Her


Sexyy Red Hits Back At Joe Budden For Suggesting Drake Is Being Paid To Promote Her

Sexyy Red has slammed Joe Budden for suggesting that Drake is only working with her as he is being paid to promote her.

Speaking on his eponymous podcast, the former Slaughterhouse rapper offered a theory as to why Drizzy is closely aligning himself with his “Rich Baby Daddy” collaborator.

“Respectfully, it sound like a n-gga that could rap at that level that gets paid off of everybody’s deal tryna rap. That’s what it sound like to me,” Budden said. “Oh, you think he just like being around Sexyy Red that much? … I can name some more people.”

Red issued a short and sweet response, simply writing on X: “They so dumb.”

Drake also appeared to answer Budden by posting a picture of him on his Instagram Stories along with the caption: “What’s the vibes in NY?”

Sexyy Red has been issuing a lot of responses of late, particularly at Adin Ross after he claimed they slept together.

The popular streamer said on his Kick channel last month: “I wanna announce something but I dunno if I should say it. I did fuck Sexyy Red. It was good. It was really good. She was kinda being the dominant one.”

Referencing the rapper’s leaked sex tape, he added: “I jerked off to it and that’s what made me hit her up. I’m being for real.”

Sexyy hit back by tweeting: “You paid me to take yo virginity & I did just that… next.”

In a follow-up post, the “Pound Town” hitmaker took on a more serious tone while denying having sex with Ross: “SIKE you couldn’t touch me wit ah stick.”

Drake & Sexyy Red's 'Rich Baby Daddy' Chemistry Hits New Heights With Private Jet Gesture

Ross continued to insist that the two had hooked up but denied paying the rapper for the alleged encounter.

He said: “My first time ever with a Black girl I will vouch u took my Black girl virginity. I didn’t pay tho why u lying said I paid?”

The two appear to have made up however as Ross appeared in Red’s music video for “Get It Sexyy.”

Sexyy later appeared on Ross’ Kick channel where he admitted that he made up the sex story and they had never even met before.

He clarified: “We spoke about it. Me and her have never met prior to today, so therefore we have never done anything like that, okay?

“It was some trolling shit for the internet. She’s a troll, I’m a troll, you know what I’m saying? So we never did anything… We’re friends.”

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