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San E and MC Mong clash over unpaid royalties amid singer Be’O’s agency transition

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San E and MC Mong clash over unpaid royalties amid singer Be’O’s agency transition

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Rapper San E and singer MC Mong clashed over the issue of unpaid royalties involving singer Be’O Amid conflicting claims from both sides, the pivotal question arises whether “fair compensation” was indeed provided during Be’O’s transition from San E’s agency (FameUs Entertainment) to MC Mong’s agency (Big Planet Made).

On May 14 KST, Big Planet Made, MC Mong’s agency, stated, “San E terminated his exclusive contract with Be’O, transferring the neighboring rights related to Be’O to Big Planet Made for a one-time payment of 209 million won.” If this claim holds true, legally, Be’O would belong to Big Planet Made, and it would be reasonable for San E to settle the profits earned during Be’O’s time under FameUs Entertainment. San E has yet to provide a statement regarding the receipt of the “209 million won” as of the morning of May 15 KST.

On May 14 KST, San E took to his own social media to post a screenshot of a direct message (DM) sent by MC Mong in the past. According to the screenshot, MC Mong criticized San E, saying, “You crossed the line with Be’O” and threatened, “I will sue you from the Fair Trade Commission to the National Tax Service.” He also mentioned that San E conspired with others and threatened Be’O with recorded voice messages.

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San E then claimed, “After three years of investment, successful re-signing, and improved conditions, Be’O’s mother demanded contract termination, schedule breaches, and denied contacting other agencies.”

In response, Big Planet Made stated, “While San E avoids mentioning unpaid royalties, he continues with personal attacks against Be’O and MC Mong,” hinting at legal action. They added, “Despite profiting heavily from transferring neighboring rights related to Be’O, San E has been delaying his obligation to share profits from the exclusive contract with Be’O.” They concluded, “We firmly intend to address San E’s attempt to cover up the legal issues regarding unpaid royalties through an unwarranted disclosure, after pocketing 209 million won.”

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