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Rotterdam alderman Enes Yigit quits due to difficult work climate

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Rotterdam alderman Enes Yigit quits due to difficult work climate

The Rotterdam alderman for Poverty Policy, Enes Yigit (DENK), has resigned. He is stepping down with immediate effect, he said in a statement published on LinkedIn. Yigit didn’t give an explicit reason for his resignation but did say that “a disproportionate amount of resistance,” often aimed at him as a person, made it difficult for him to function in this political role.

Being in politics offers many opportunities but has many downsides, Yigit said. “In my position as an alderman, I have often had to deal with a disproportionate amount of resistance from different angles. It was sometimes difficult for me not to be judged on the content of my work but to be attacked on my person,” Enes said.

Yigit said that, as a DENK politician, he is well aware of how difficult it is to try and take your place as an outsider. “Against the established power that has allowed the gap between rich and poor to grow in our country,” he said. It bothered him that “in times of inflation, while Rotterdammers were in danger of sinking through the ice, it often revolved around the political gain. I found this painful for the Rotterdammers.”

In his private life, it has also been a rough year for Yigit, who lost family members in the massive earthquake in Turkey. “We still feel the loss every day. It is hard and, in the end, puts a lot into perspective. The transience of life is ultimately a given.”

“I want to spend the energy I have on helping the people of Rotterdam. In the coming period, I will think in peace in which role I can help this city,” Yigit said. “I want to thank those who have contributed with me to the complex challenges in our city from the bottom of my heart.”

Fellow DENK alderman Faouzi Achbar said he would miss Ygit enormously. “I really regret it very much. With him, I managed to achieve great things for the city. It will be a loss for Rotterdam,” Achbar told Rijnmond. He hopes Yigit can stay involved in the city in another way.

DENK city councilor Natasha Mohamed Hoesein also called Yigit’s resignation a pity. “It is sad. He was an enthusiastic alderman. I can now only respect his choice,” she told the regional broadcaster.

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