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Reacher Season 3 Set Image Reveals First Look At Paulie


Reacher Season 3 Set Image Reveals First Look At Paulie


  • Reacher
    season 3 finally reveals its villain, introducing Olivier Ritchers as Paulie.
  • Showrunner Nick Santora was able to stick with Paulie’s description in the books, with a height of 7 feet 2 inches.
  • Paulie’s arrival poses some new challenges for Reacher, making season 3 so exciting.



The first look at Reacher season 3’s much-anticipated villain is revealed. Even before the Reacher season 2 finale arrived, work was already ongoing for the next chapter of Alan Ritchson’s popular Amazon Prime Video series. Based on Lee Child’s novels of the same name, Reacher season 3 will adapt Persuader. That confirmation led to anticipation of the new ensemble’s casting, particularly that of Paulie, a new villain who is much bigger than the already massive Reacher.

Not long after his casting was announced, the official Reacher Instagram account debuted the first look at Olivier Ritchers as Paulie. Check out the image below:

The photo shows Ritchers having some fun on the set of Reacher season 3. He poses in front of Ritchson’s trailer, crossing out the headliner’s name and replacing it with his.

Why Paulie As Reacher Season 3’s Villain Is So Exciting

Reacher Season 3 Villain Can Make Up For Season 2’s Disappointment

A big part of Reacher’s character is his size. This makes it easier to sell his usual nonchalant personality, not to mention his nomadic lifestyle. Couple his massive build with his fighting skills, he can effectively take care of himself without needing to travel with a set group. Throughout its last two seasons, Reacher was the biggest player on the show. He towered over everyone he encountered on the screen, including all members of the 110th Special Investigations Unit. That’s about to change, however, with Paulie’s arrival, offering a new dynamic in Reacher season 3.

For context, Ritchers, who is also known as “The Dutch Giant,” matches the size of Reacher’s foe from the novel, who also weighs around 350 lbs.

Admittedly, casting Paulie was an interesting process. Ritchson is already 6 feet 2 inches, and based on Child’s book, his Persuader adversary is so much bigger at 7 feet 2 inches. Luckily, showrunner Nick Santora and his team were able to stay true to the description of Paulie from print. For context, Ritchers, who is also known as “The Dutch Giant,” matches the size of Reacher’s foe from the novel, who also weighs around 350lbs. Because of this, Reacher season 3 will have to be more creative about crafting the two giants’ fight scenes.



All 28 Jack Reacher Books, Ranked Worst To Best

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series consistently offers incredibly thrilling page-turners, though not every book attains masterpiece status.

This is great news for the franchise, considering the divisive Reacher season 2. Despite the excitement over the arrival of the Special Investigators, the sophomore year’s adaptation of Bad Luck And Trouble had its issues, which were primarily rooted in its execution. Coming from a largely solo effort for Reacher in Margrave, giving him a solid unit that he could rely on was helpful in taking down New Age, but it limited the Prime Video show’s ability to highlight its titular character’s best qualities. Hopefully, Paulie is able to meet expectations for season 3.

What To Expect From Reacher Season 3

How Does Paulie Fit In Jack Reacher’s Next Adventure?

While Reacher is based on Child’s books, the last two seasons of the series proved that Santora and his team aren’t beholden to them. The Prime Video series is open to deviating from what’s in print if it will better serve its storytelling. This has made Reacher more interesting, as the public cannot rely on what happened in the novels to accurately predict what goes down on the small screen. That said, the creatives behind the series have done a great job ensuring that, despite its creative liberties, it stays true to the core of Child’s narratives.

For season 3, the premise will likely be the same as Persuader. Set in Maine, Reacher goes undercover to get close to Zachary Beck, whose son is almost kidnapped. There he crosses paths with Paulie, the deranged bodyguard of the mysterious character played by Anthony Michael Hall. While Child’s books didn’t have recurring characters beyond its main protagonist, the last two seasons of Reacher brought back Maria Sten’s Frances Neagley, and she will come back for a third time in season 3.

Reacher Season 3 Can Fix Season 2’s Biggest Mistakes

Persuader’s Story Allows Season 3 To Make Amends

In Reacher season 3, Reacher will be in a foreign environment, with fewer allies to back him up — similar to his set-up when he first stepped foot in Margrave. Granted that he eventually found friends in Roscoe Conklin and Oscar Finlay, it took a while for him to trust them. This forced him to operate on his own at the beginning of Reacher season 1, which, in turn, emphasized his fighting, analytical, and logistical skills. Reacher will have friends on his next mission, but just like in Margrave, he will have to discern who to associate with for his safety.

Besides its storytelling environment, Reacher season 3 can make up for season 2’s lackluster villain. The Prime Video show’s sophomore year introduced two kinds of villains in Shane Langston and AM, but while they clearly had potential, they were, ultimately, disappointing. They didn’t feel imposing enough for Reacher to be in any kind of real danger. Having Paulie, who is already physically dominant, could make amends for that. Reacher would have to be really crafty if he wants to win because he can’t simply out-muscle his next opponent.


season 3 will arrive on Prime Video in 2025.

Source: Reacher/Instagram

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