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Raisin water is the newest nutritional powerhouse you must add to your diet | Food-wine News



Raisin water is the newest nutritional powerhouse you must add to your diet | Food-wine News

Raisin water, a beverage made by soaking raisins in water overnight, has been gaining traction in recent years. But is it just a fad, or are there real benefits to this simple drink?

A nutritional powerhouse

Raisins, and dried grapes, are concentrated sources of various nutrients. When soaked in water, some of these nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, are released into the water. Here’s a glimpse of what raisin water might offer, according to dietician Dr Bharati Shah Bhatt, HCG hospitals, Bhavnagar:

Fibre: “Raisins contain dietary fibre that helps alleviate constipation by bulking up the stool and promoting regular bowel movements,” explained Dr Bhatt. Raisin water can also help cleanse the digestive tract and stimulate the natural, beneficial gut bacteria, contributing to overall gut health.

Iron: Raisin water can be a helpful source of iron, particularly for those prone to deficiency. Iron is crucial for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Festive offer

Potassium: This mineral is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure and fluid balance.

Antioxidants: Raisins contain antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The presence of antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C might contribute to a stronger immune system.

antioxidants Raisins, and dried grapes, are concentrated sources of various nutrients.(Source: Freepik)

Dr Bhatt recommended soaking a handful of high-quality raisins (preferably organic) in water in a container. Allow the raisins to soak overnight or for about 8-12 hours. In the morning, strain the water into a new glass and enjoy it on an empty stomach or throughout the day. Dr Bhatt added, “You can also consume the soaked raisins as they also have high nutritional value.”

A word of caution

While generally safe, there are a few things to keep in mind, as highlighted by Dr Bhatt:

Sugar Content: Raisins do contain natural sugar, so moderation is key, especially for those managing diabetes.

Oral Hygiene: Although raisin water might benefit oral health, it’s still important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

Raisin water, with its potential health benefits as explained by Dr Bhatt, can be a simple and beneficial addition to your wellness routine. While it’s not a miracle cure, the presence of fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants makes it a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your hydration and explore potential health benefits, give raisin water a try! Remember, moderation is key, and consult your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions.

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