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Quantum Leap: The Revival’s Lost Plan to Bring Sam Home


Quantum Leap: The Revival’s Lost Plan to Bring Sam Home

But it wasn’t to be. The reason, as Wynbrandt always knew might be the case? “It’s not up to us whether Scott (Bakula) decides to be in the show or not. He has to have the desire to do it.” He goes on to speculate that, “for him, with Dean’s passing, I think he felt that ship has sailed. He was very respectful (to Wynbrandt and Lilien.) He was complimentary of the pitch. He just wasn’t feeling it. He felt like his story had been told.”

Despite this, Wynbrandt and others involved in the series hoped they could persuade Bakula to appear at some point. It sadly never happened. “(Bakula) was just staunchly not interested. (He) was so respectful of Don (Bellisario, the original creator of Quantum Leap’s) version. He just respectfully passed and we had to respect his wishes.”

The new series did pay homage and include elements of the original series, including the return of recurring character Beth Calavicci (Susan Diol), but Wynbrandt echoes what fans can most assuredly agree with, “All of us would have preferred the version of the universe where (Bakula) said, ‘yes, let’s do it.’”

It’s a shame Scott Bakula never returned to his iconic role but it’s understandable. Plus, his lack of involvement meant that the new series could devote more time to its own characters and lore which allowed it to stand as its own unique entry in the franchise.

Maybe there’s a timeline where Sam’s last leap will be to change the course of history so Wynbrandt’s original plan could have become a reality. Until then, to many fans, Sam not getting home is still the biggest wrong that needs to be put right at some point in the future (or would that be the past?)

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