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People of Curacao celebrate Culture Week 2023


People of Curacao celebrate Culture Week 2023

On September 24th to October 3rd, 2023 as a prelude to celebrate the rehabilitation of our Hero Pasional Tula and his colleagues, the Government of Curaçao announces that Culture Week 2023 this year is from September 24th to October 3rd, 2023.

October 3 is the date that the Dutch government will rehabilitate our National Hero Tula. The Government of Curaçao has decreed a Year of Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery from 1 July 2023 to 1 July 2024 and therefore Culture Week 2023 is dedicated to commemorating the 160th anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery.

With the theme for the week of Culture: Strong Laws for a Bright Future, the Course focuses on Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. All of this as a prelude to the rehabilitation of Tula.

Culture Week is a prelude to raising awareness of the important act of rehabilitation of Tula and enjoying activities both directed to the people of Curaçao and tourists. Our story tells that 160 years ago slavery was officially abolished, marking a turning point in the history of the Caribbean and the World.

It marked the end of a dark period of human oppression and exploitation, but it also left a lasting legacy whose effects can still be felt in our culture and communities. All of this sheds light on the courage of our National Hero and his companions. Our people enjoy a rich heritage that is manifested in our culture. Therefore, in Culture Week, let us celebrate together and create strong foundations for a bright future for our people. As people we need to realize that together we accomplish much more than individually.

That is why it is so important to form bonds of brotherhood. Culture Week is a time of the year when we do different activities together and get to know our own talents and potential but also that of each other.

By asking each other questions, we strengthen our bonds of brotherhood with one another. The more united we are in our common goals, the more successful we will be as a people. Readings for Culture Week 2023: Strong links to a bright future

Theme for Culture Week 2023: As Culture Week is the prelude to the rehabilitation of Tula the theme of this year is the place that our national hero fought for which is: Freedom, Equality and Fraternity

Description of the Theme: These words, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, Tula, the maximum leader of the freedom struggle of 1795, addressed to Father Jacobus Schink. The main cause of the 1795 struggle was the persistent desire for freedom that lived in the hearts of all those enslaved.

A desire so deep that they were willing to give their lives for the sake of freedom. Since then, passing from generation to generation our people have undergone many changes but we are still in the struggle for Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

The Department of Culture and Sport will work together with the Slavery and Slavery Heritage Platform for experts of the Platform to bring their knowledge to the people of Curaçao and also to explain the rehabilitation of Tula. The aim of the Culture for the People of Corsica week is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community, by bringing together different guilds in our community.

It thus creates connections with values such as mutual respect, understanding for each other, reducing prejudice, reinforcing a sense of collective identity and stimulating exchanges between us.

The Government of Curaçao calls on the people to contribute content to the Culture Week during this week by focusing on education and cultural participation with a focus on the values that our hero Pasional taught us. All this in a positive environment with each other, passing on knowledge about our history and culture, our traditions and art forms, so that we preserve them for future generations.

Culture Week with a varied program: Workshops focusing on our Culture, Conferences and cultural presentations, Interactive activities on different aspects of our culture that can take place in schools, neighborhoods and neighborhood centers, offices, nursing homes, workplaces and cultural centers, Artists in all branches of art, Preschool Centers, Schools and after-school activities, Youth Courses and Women’s Clubs, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, Cultural Organizations, Sports Organizations, Intramural Institutes (such as Prisons, GOG, Homes for the Elderly, etc.), Companies, Hotels and all who feel like participating. In short, the whole town of Curacao.

Pap Pueblo Di Corsou Lo Celebra Siman Di Cultura 2023

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