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Parsha Studio: Kosher Sequin Fish Magnet

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Parsha Studio: Kosher Sequin Fish Magnet presents a weekly series from the creative minds at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights. Parsha Studio will explore the Parsha through crafting, painting, science experiments, and culinary art. This week: Clay Fish Magnet for Parshas Shemini. Full Story

Hi Boys and Girls!

Welcome back to the Parsha Studio!

This week’s Parsha discusses the different criteria for identifying kosher animals. For instance, land animals must have split hooves and chew their cud, while fish must have fins and scales. There are also specific rules for identifying kosher birds. But why is it so important to eat only kosher food? Just as we take care of our physical bodies by eating healthy food, we must also take care of our Neshama, our spiritual well-being. Eating kosher food helps us nourish our Neshama.

Today, we will be using air-dry clay, which is a simple material that doesn’t need to be baked or fired. Instead, it becomes hard by just sitting out. We will be using this soft clay to create a small fish sculpture, shaping it using our hands to add every curve and detail. Once the clay has dried and hardened, we can decorate it with sequins, creating scales and fins that will identify it as a Kosher fish.

we will add a touch of charm by decorating it with sequins creating the scales and fins that identify Kosher fish.


· Air Dry Clay

· Multi-Colored Sequins

· Tacky Glue

· Paintbrush

· Magnet Sticker Strip

· Scissors

· Popsicle Stick

Link to specialty items:

Supplies for next week:

· Cabbage (about 2 cups full)

· Small Bowl

· Boiling Water

· Aluminum Foil

· 3 Glass Bowls

· 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda

· A Teaspoons Vinegar

· Measuring Spoons & Cups

· Popsicle Sticks

· Knife

We would love to see how your Project turned out! Tag the @jewishchildrensmuseum on social media, or WhatsApp 718-907-8861. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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