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Overwatch 2 pro’s hero-swapping frenzy goes viral for “insane” regroup tactic


Overwatch 2 pro’s hero-swapping frenzy goes viral for “insane” regroup tactic

Rakattack’s insane Overwatch 2 hero-swapping insanity has gone viral as he swaps between five heroes so his team can regroup faster. 

When it comes to some of the most important aspects to get right in Overwatch, regrouping may not be at the top of most players’ minds. However, it is a thing many don’t get right. 

This is why making sure you don’t get staggered by dying too far apart from your team is important, so you all can get to the point faster and waste as little time respawning. 

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And to make sure his team regrouped as fast as possible, an Overwatch pro, Rakattack, pulled off what may be the most insane hero-swapping frenzy play just so his team could regroup and get to the point immediately. 

On the last day of the Flash Ops NA Swiss Stages, Rakattack’s team, Dope Gaming, went up against Hypnos NA for a final spot in the playoffs. 

Overwatch pro pulls off insane clutch by swapping between 5 heroes in 20 seconds

In their last map of Survasa, Dope Gaming was 2-0 up, and if they captured the last point, they would qualify. However, after holding the third point for a bit, they lost a team fight, leaving the team scattered. 

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Right after spawning, Rakattack shield bashes as Brigitte and then swaps to Moira and fades to get out of spawn faster, switches to Lifeweaver to pull his teammate to the entrance, swaps to Lucio to speed boost his Sigma out, swaps to Mercy to resurrect a teammate that just died, and swapped back to Brig and regrouped. 

If you were keeping track, that was 5 hero swaps in the span of 20 seconds. And this clutch play helped the team win the next team fight, as the enemies weren’t ready for the team to regroup that fast, winning the game and a spot in the playoffs. 

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Naturally, the reactions to the play left players with their jaws dropped. “That’s f***ing crazy,” a comment said, with others calling it the most “insane” Overwatch clip they’ve ever seen. 

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