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Original member of Mexican girl group Jeans posts an Instagram story accusing NewJeans of plagiarism


Original member of Mexican girl group Jeans posts an Instagram story accusing NewJeans of plagiarism

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Earlier this week, NewJeans was accused of copying the Mexican girl group Jeans from the 1990s.

In January, the Mexican newspaper El Siglo reported similarities between the two groups, suggesting that NewJeans may have drawn inspiration from Jeans. The report highlighted visual resemblances in outfits and hairstyles, implying that NewJeans might have been influenced by Jeans, a group that enjoyed significant popularity in Mexico during the 90s.

Since then, NewJeans has continued to be accused of allegedly copying the Mexican girl group.

On May 23, one of the original members of Jeans pointed out the similarities between Jeans and NewJeans on her Instagram story.

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Original member Patricia Sirvent (or Paty Sirvent) reposted a story that stated, “All this time they plagiarized us right in front of our faces, it’s like, brooo, the clue was in the title itself HAHAHAHA.” Paty herself wrote, “Wooow! We weren’t entirely wrong.”

Korean netizens who saw the post reacted by commenting:

This is Jeans official.”

“Mexico Jeans member posted Instagram story post.”

“I guess NewJeans succeeded in receiving a shoutout from the original.”

“People in Mexico were talking a lot about this too.”

“The Mexican Jeans gave birth to NewJeans, and NewJeans gave birth to ILLIT lol.”

“The real Jeans nailed it in that NewJeans plagiarized. lol.”

Now it’s a fight between the real Jeans, fake Jeans, and the fake fake Jeans.”

“Well, when it comes to K-pop, they take references from a lot of other works.”

“Plagiarism, copying, and homage peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s. These fake artists who succeeded by stealing lyrics, compositions, choreography, and concepts—it’s surprising that this still happens in 2024, especially among a generation that lives on the internet.”

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