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Opened restaurants and food for Passover

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Opened restaurants and food for Passover

A guest chef and a hosting chef too, a restaurant that transforms, and a team that swaps places, why not, actually. A dish that gets its own roof (and walls), but also a “hole in the wall” worthy enough for us to report. Eilat and Haifa, Sharon and Shfela, and Tel Aviv (but definitely not just her).

In short, welcome to Israel’s food news. And this time – a tasty and festive journey from North to South, with all the stops along the way. And that’s just the first course.

Bon appétit!

George & John, Tel Aviv

(credit: George & John)

The restaurant led by Tomer Tal and the Drisco Hotel where it is located offer a “flying to the night” package for Passover.

The deal (April 22-24) includes two nights, a sunset hour on the hotel’s rooftop with wine and beer, breakfast, and a special holiday meal with a menu that includes dipping (with matzah or bread), a first course soup, and a choice of main course, paired dessert, water, and soda. Price: starting from NIS 3,300.

George & John

Keton, Tel Aviv

(credit: Reli Lev)

The Eastern-European restaurant led by Orna Raskin celebrates Passover with a rich festive menu and closes the hospitality evenings.

You can find here, among other things, a Seder plate according to tradition, colorful salads by weight, chopped liver and crispy chicken liver, gefilte fish and knaidelach, classic chicken soup and confit goose, calf tongue and beef steak, cholent and tzimmes, and also desserts like noodle Kugel, biscuit cake, and compote.


Sender, Tel Aviv

(credit: Kevin Stav)

The long-established Eastern-European restaurant led by Zami Shraiber celebrates Passover according to tradition, with a varied and colorful menu of ready-made food and closing corners, and much more than that.

Among other things, there will be gefilte fish and egg salad with schmaltz, traditional chopped liver and homemade haroset, stuffed matzot with liver and fried onion, chicken soup and knaidelach, main courses like duck breast in orange and plum sauce, schnitzel in matzo meal, roasted chicken with dried fruits, and beef patties in sauce, sweet and sour beans, and also desserts like chocolate mousse cake, “Zemrat Haaretz” roll cake, and dried fruit compote.


Tschernichovsky 6, Tel Aviv

(credit: AFIK GABAI)

The veteran bistro celebrates a family, intimate, and tasty Passover Seder.

The menu will include appetizers for the center of the table, a choice of main courses, desserts, light drinks, and a house wine glass. Among other things, there will be chopped liver with fried onion in schmaltz, soft polenta with roasted vegetables, beef carpaccio, beef bourguignon, confit goose in port sauce, fish fillet with root cream and vegetables, roasted chicken with peppers, and also semiferredo and cheesecake. Price: NIS 420 per diner.

Tschernichovsky 6

Serfina and Yauza, Tel Aviv

(credit: Avi Yoseph)

The sister restaurants of Yaki Kavir in the north of the city celebrate Passover with an adapted, Italian-Asian, and joyful menu.

Serfina adds pressure to its Italian vibe but avoids serving chametz on Passover. You’ll find here, among other things, panzanella salad with Negev tomatoes, roasted artichoke with ricotta praskha, truffle spaghetti with black truffles, ragout of lamb, Neapolitan pizza promiscuo (mozzarella, Roman pecorino, Parmesan, ricotta praskha, and arugula), and also spicy arrabbiata spaghetti.

Underneath, Yauza complements with its own gluten-free menu. Here, among other things, you’ll find rice cubes with shiitake mushrooms and asparagus, a salmon and mozzarella tartare, and roasted almonds, California roll with salmon, avocado, cucumber, and Philadelphia cheese, tuna tartare roll with tapioca, shallot, avocado, and tempura, spicy machi machi tartare, and also reinbow roll (salmon toro, avocado, cucumber, and takuan, salmon top, yellowtail, tuna, and ikura).

Serfina, Yauza

Flame, Tel Aviv

(credit: David Moyal)
(credit: David Moyal)

The seaside restaurant of Efi Alaluf celebrates Passover with a traditional and updated Seder meal (Monday, April 22, from 7:00 p.m.), and much more beyond it.

Among other things, there will be, of course, a Passover plate, chicken soup with kneidlach, starters for the center of the table like eggplant mousse, artichoke a la romana, and tabbouleh salad, intermediate dishes like lukos herring and fish cloudberry, main courses to choose from such as slow-cooked osso buco, entrecote steak, marinated grouper on the grill or fillet mignon, and also hot drinks and desserts, soft drinks, and a glass of wine or beer. Price: NIS 450 per diner, NIS 250 for children up to 12 years old, including service.


Par Derrière, Jaffa

(credit: HAIM YOSEF)

The romantic wine courtyard in Jaffa celebrates a long weekend of Passover with natural and tasty brunching, and stocking up on alcohol for the rest of the holiday, and beyond.

The brunch, served here on Fridays to Sundays (April 26-29, 10:00-16:00), may include a Hummus and Avocado Toast bar, cured fish, and a French toast with sour cream and fruit salad, Eggs Benedict and Croissant-Burger, as well as Schnitzels and chips for kids (and adults) and a seafood skillet for all.

The wine shop will be open in a special format (Sunday to Monday, April 21-22, 10:00-14:00), selling flowers and fine bottles, and an efficient aperitivo deal (20% off on food and drinks, 17:00-19:00) will enhance these days as much as possible, and more.

Par Derrière

Villa Mare, Tel Aviv

(credit: Yulia Nichaychuk)

The joyful restaurant on the promenade celebrates Passover with a Seder dinner in the traditional and updated way alike.

The event, held on Monday (April 22, 18:45-22:00), will feature a grand buffet table, generous pouring of wine and plenty of food. There will be, among others, Matzah with haroset, Beef brisket with mustard aioli, Chicken liver pâté with cherry jam and pistachios, Gribenes, Gefilte fish, and Carrot kugel of course, Prime rib, Lamb shank, a lavish dessert spread including Mango sorbet. Price: NIS 550, NIS 450 for children under 12.

Villa Mare

Carlton, Tel Aviv


The urban beach hotel celebrates Passover with a comprehensive hospitality package, considering all the things that are supposed to occupy us these days, and a little extra.

The deal, based on half board, takes place on Monday to Wednesday (April 22-24) and includes a festive Seder dinner, breakfast, a superior room with partial sea view, and direct access to the hotel’s rooftop pool and synagogue, as well as late checkout after the holiday. Price: Starting from NIS 4,890 per night for a couple.

The grand holiday meal, including traditional and main dishes such as Prime rib, Shoulder of lamb, a rich buffet, soft drinks, and wine, is also offered without accommodation, priced at NIS 1,200 (NIS 900 for children aged two to 12).

Carlton Hotel

Delimark, Rishon LeZion

(credit: Netanel Israel)
(credit: Netanel Israel)

The excellent family deli in the Nahalat Yehuda neighborhood celebrates Passover with a giant menu of kosher options, and of course, delicious treats – for the Seder night and beyond.

You’ll find here, among others, appetizers like Butcher’s platter and Russian salad, horseradish and homemade haroset, spicy Moroccan carrots and hummus from restaurants, Waldorf salad and quinoa tabbouleh, festive rice with celery and almonds, Gefilte fish and chopped liver, Chicken soup with matzo balls, Kneidlach, and Maghrebi couscous stuffed vine leaves, and main courses such as Fish patties and Salmon fillet, Veal pastrami and Red wine braised shoulder, Sabzi Chorba, Tebsi lamb and Shepherd’s pie. There are also combinations of full meals for six, eight, and ten diners, a luxurious and plant-based meal with no compromises for vegetarians, and a full package of wine and alcohol, home utensils, and gifts for hosts (or yourself).

All this goodness is sealed with an elaborate dessert menu – from Baked cheesecake to Pistachio cream pie, from a box of mini Soufflé to Chocolate fudge. And much more.


Lola Martin, Herzliya

(credit: David Moyal)

Efi Alalouf’s joyful seafood restaurant celebrates Passover with a traditional Seder dinner (Monday, April 22, from 19:00), and much beyond tradition.

There will be, among others, a Passover plate of course, Chicken soup with kneidlach, center-table starters like Grilled eggplant moussaka, Artichoke a la Romana, and Tabouleh salad, intermediate dishes such as Hraymah, Lukos, and Fish kebab, main courses to choose from such as Slow-cooked osso buco, Ribeye steak, Grilled fillet, and also hot drinks and desserts, soft drinks and a glass of wine or beer. Price: NIS 450 per diner, NIS 250 for children up to age 12, including service.

Lola Martin

Petra, Ashdod

(credit: Gal Zehavi)

The wonderful Georgian restaurant of Simo Ben Hovav on the Kshatot Beach celebrates Passover with continuous door opening, joy, and deliciousness.

The (non-kosher) menu includes, among other dishes, Achroli with egg and khinkali, Chibureki and famous khachapuri, Harcho soup and seafood mix, beef fillet with goose liver and salmon steak in cream-pasta sauce.


Bokeria, Petah Tikva

(credit: Liran Mimon)

The old Italian restaurant of Ran Alkobi celebrates Passover and the intermediate days with open doors, a gluten-free menu, and a certified oven.

Among other dishes, there will be goat cheese bruschetta with garlic confit and forest fruit coulis, arancini with potato cream, eight colorful pizzas, gnocchi with cream-mushroom sauce, and also tiramisu, baked cheesecake, and pancakes for dessert.


Café Gan Sipur

(credit: Adi Noyovich)

The restaurant group returns once again to its successful collaboration with Tomer Umnitsky and announces a corrupted Passover pop-up.

You can find here, among other dishes, fried matzo with mushrooms and parmesan, matzo lasagna with cheeses and pesto, salmon salad with lemon maple dressing, Denis fillet with tomato and pepper salsa, as well as fresh and holiday-adjusted pasta, sandwiches, and colorful fish dishes.

Café Gan Sipur


(credit: Rich Kid)

The Indian restaurant duo of Rina Pushkarna – Tandoori Lands End in Tel Aviv and Tandoori in Herzliya – celebrates Passover with a festive Seder dinner in an Indian atmosphere.

The event, taking place on April 22nd, will offer an unlimited buffet and special dishes for the table center at a price of NIS 290 per person (and half that for children aged 3-11). Among other dishes, there will be a traditional blessing plate, garlic naan and matzo flour naan, kneidlach soup, lamb in almond and saffron sauce, Kashmiri pilaf rice, lots of curry, stews, and side dishes, a choice of dessert like rice pudding and halva or chocolate mousse, and hot and cold drinks.


Shtroudl, Haifa


The excellent Haifa restaurant maintains tradition and celebrates Passover with a generous Seder meal, mainly liberating.

Among other dishes, there will be slow-cooked lamb shoulder with oven-roasted potatoes, whole grilled sea bream with a Mediterranean stew, hummus grains, eggplants, and tahini, calf fillet with mashed potato cream and oven vegetables, and also tabbouleh salad with labneh balls and almonds.


Pundak Yotvata


The essential stopover on the way to Eilat, and from it, celebrates Passover with a special menu and a special ice cream no less.

There will be a meaty buffet here with self-service that will continue to serve its hits – beef and chicken burgers (including kosher rolls), schnitzels, hot toppings, and salads – at NIS 64 per business meal, as well as locally produced haroset ice cream, in the style of Italian gelato, based on milk and cream from the dairy, of course.

Pundak Yotvata

Ramat HaGolan Winery

(credit: ORI SHEMESH)

The northern wine anchor comes down from the heights to Tel Aviv and celebrates Passover on one of the city’s equal balconies.

The idea is to temporarily relocate the experiential visitor center briefly into the charming space of “Hadarparti” in the Panorama Tel Aviv building and to provide on the way an efficient stopover station of tastings and gifts, workshops, and many good intentions.

The center will operate on Thursday-Friday (April 18-19) with a wine shop, three tasting workshops (by prior registration), and lots of delicious food to accompany all this good alcohol.

Ramat HaGolan Winery


(credit: MyYain)
(credit: MyYain)

Nati Naim’s wine activation project continues its festival tradition, holding two major Passover events and also adding a cool and challenging winery map, for serious drinkers.

The Jerusalem Wine Festival will take place on April 11th and will offer dozens of wineries and importers, free tastings, and generous stands of local distilleries. A week later (April 18), the joy will double in Tel Aviv, with guaranteed free parking for every wine purchase.

The winery map is already shortening to the more original and fairer holiday gifts, in a large poster format that includes a marking of 100 wineries throughout the country, and a call to embark on a journey of discounts among them.



(credit: DNA)

The bustling food complex at the entrance plaza of the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv is organizing Passover in the most appropriate and fitting way – with a lot of alcohol, of course, and under the mantra “Wine makes the heart of man rejoice.” That’s right, we checked.

The kosher wine sale fair will be held on Wednesday-Thursday (April 17-18, 14:00-22:00) and will offer over 200 curated options, intriguing launches, DJ performances, prices that promise to be attractive, and tastings, of course.

Among other things, there will be Luria and Har Odem wineries, Tavor and Gvaot, Avshalom and Dalton, as well as DNA kitchens – for refreshing and shopping refreshments.


On the River, Kinneret

(credit: RINAT GILBOA)

The charming complex on the Jordan River celebrates spring with a wine, food, and music festival.

The event will take place on Wednesday (April 24th, from 12:00) and will offer a completely desirable combination of kosher Passover wines, unleavened food stands, and DJ.

There will be, among other things, pours from the Galil Mountain Winery (Aviv Rose on Route 22, Aviv Blanc on Route 22, Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot on Route 21), Tabor Winery (Adama Shenin on Blanc on Route 23, Adama Rose on Route 22, Adama Gewurztraminer on Route 23 and Eco Red on Route 17), and also Dalton Winery (Estate Rose on Route 22, Estate Shiraz on Route 23 and Reserve Blanc de Blanc on Route 22). Price: NIS 179, including a glass on entry and free drinks at stands.

On the River

Mire Golan

(credit: Guy Ashkenazi)

The local-northern beef brand celebrates Passover with a special meat offering, and thoughtful-all boxes, based on smart Israeli agriculture.

The holiday eve + festive holiday noon package (NIS 1,711) includes a ribeye steak, an asado steak, lamb goulash, lamb meatballs with lamb, Romanian kebabs, merguez sausages, 2 ribs, a beef burger, a saddle box (rib) lamb, Grenache wine, apple cider, and caviar salt.

The gourmet holiday eve package (NIS 1,118) includes a sirloin steak, lamb brisket, Grenache wine, avocado oil, and dried caviar.

A holiday eve pampering package (NIS 406) includes a fillet steak similar to grilled, 1 kg of minced beef, apple cider, avocado oil, and caviar salt.

An unforgettable holiday lunch package (NIS 1,096) includes lamb sausages, Eastern kebabs, spicy sausages, 2 units of T-bone steaks, 2 packages of fillet medallions, a saddle package (T-bone) of lamb, Grenache wine, and avocado oil.

Mire Golan



The veteran convenience store chain celebrates Passover with special and meticulous packages whose purpose is one thing – maximum result, which is sumptuous and impressive dishes with minimal effort. What could be more deserving than that?

The cuts, which can come with a dedicated and elegant pot themselves, require only light handling, cooking, and seven steps back. Among other things, there will be cubes of lamb in date honey and onion (NIS 289 for about 1.5 kg of meat, including pot, NIS 139 per kg without pot) to feed a hungry group, calf ribs with prunes and onions (NIS 289 for about 1.5 kg of meat, including pot, NIS 119 per kg without pot), and also whole and deboned chicken, stuffed with turkey meat and chopped apricots, seasoned with a marinade of date honey and teriyaki, dismantled beef rib.




The popular chain is preparing for Passover with the adaptation of leavening in branches and a festive-sweet inauguration.

This is a matzo-flavored ice cream with chocolate, based on cream ice cream with chocolate cream and matzo pieces, a limited edition (of course) to be served in branches throughout the holiday and intermediate days.

At the same time, Golda clarifies that its kosher branches will be kosher for Passover (with a kosher certificate), and other locations will offer Passover-adapted ice cream, without leavening.


Raviva and Celia

(credit: YAEL IZHAKI)

The veteran (and wonderful) bistro celebrates Passover with a special menu of prepared food, valuable gift packages, countless sweet temptations, and also a new chocolate surprise.

The ordering menu includes, among other things, clear chicken soup with root vegetables, meatballs and chopped liver, gefilte fish and slices of cold roast beef, smoked salmon and Chinese cabbage, T-bone steak and vegetables in red curry, salmon in orange sauce and chicken thighs, beef Bourguignon and brisket burgers, hot additions and a colorful salad-spread combination, and also cheesecake and white chocolate and tiramisu.

At the same time, and in a premiere performance by the group, a handcrafted chocolate truffle cake is launched, led by Adi Brazilian and Michal Atlas.

The offering includes, among other things, stuffed tables, long bars with petits fours, broken with colorful lentils and truffles ganache and vanilla or rum. It will be available for purchase at delicatessens and restaurants, of course, but also at a pop-up shop that opposes postponements, which will operate at the end of this weekend (until Friday, April 12) at The George Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Raviva and Celia

Max Brenner

(credit: MAX BRENNER)

The colorful chocolate network is joining the holiday with popping boxes, lots of sweet options, and a new and inspiring star. Meanwhile, Max Brenner is collaborating with the “Alut” association, offering a Passover Haggadah illustrated by children from the Gaza envelope and printed at the Ari printing house.

A medium Muse box (NIS 186), for example, includes milk chocolate cubes filled with sea salt nougat cream, Chinese pecans wrapped in nougat and cocoa powder, milk chocolate drops filled with white nut cream, excellent milk chocolate filled with hazelnut cream and chocolate with roasted cashew pieces, caramel chips, and salt, as well as hazelnut and cocoa spread.

The “Ultimate Passover” package (NIS 264) also adds handmade pralines, dark chocolate filled with hazelnut cream and espresso-flavored chocolate with cocoa bean pieces and the Haggadah.

The wine package (NIS 309) and chocolate add to the celebration milk chocolate sheets, foamed dark chocolate cubes rolled in cocoa powder, white chocolate filled with nougat cream rolled in roasted pistachio pieces, red wine from the Teperberg winery, and of course, the Haggadah.

Max Brenner

The Olive Boutique

(credit: TOMER BURMAD)

The excellent family boutique from Ashkelon celebrates Passover with a generous look into the community, offering many flexible, customized, and tasty options, blue and white of course, which are primarily a gift to yourselves.

You can find here, among other things, spreads and dips, satisfying salty and sweet spices, preserves and teas, and countless olive-based options from family-owned orchards – all packaged by workers with special needs and occupational limitations, as part of cooperation with the “Together” association operating in the city and the entire southern region.

The Olive Boutique Passover package (NIS 170) includes a 500 ml bottle of excellent olive oil, Israeli product, unique blends for seasoning beef, potatoes, and fish grilling, cherry tomato jam, and apple cinnamon jam, hazelnut and nougat spread, and milk chocolate spread.

The Olive Boutique

Gaston, Airport City

(credit: Moshe Ben Simchon)

The veteran meat restaurant celebrates Passover with a shortcut package and increased joy, which will help you enjoy the holiday with much less effort.

The package (NIS 450) includes 2.5 kilos of aged Santa roast beef seasoned for 21 days with a marinade of garlic, thyme, honey, and American spice mix, a bottle of red wine, and a professional meat thermometer.

Apart from that, cuts like prime rib, entrecote, beef fillet, and any other meat option are also offered.


Jacko Fish


The Tel Aviv sea anchor of Efi Alaluf celebrates Passover with flashy meters-long displays, a variety of options, and many tasty choices.

You can find here, among other things, striped red mullet and gilt-head bream, sea bass and fish patties, locus, salmon, carp, and tuna – whole, filleted with or without skin, ground, minced, and ready to go.

Jacko Fish

Papa Jones


The excellent pizzeria chain is prepared for the holiday with a special Passover menu, based on adapted gluten-free dough, served at all its branches, with specific kosher adjustments.

You can find here, among other things, classic pizza with personalized toppings, “Greek” with tomato sauce, feta cheese, purple onion, and spicy pepperoni, “Tulip” (corn, black olives, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese), “Vegetarian” (white onion, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, and mozzarella cheese), and even cheese sticks as a side dish, with garlic sauce of course.

Papa Jones

Moses Shop

(credit: GIL AVIRAM)

The burger chain from the BBB group celebrates Passover with a special menu, kosher of course.

In the menu, offered in ten branches across the country (including Herzliya, Rosh Haayin, Kedma Tzoran, Dimona, Bat Yam, and Be’er Sheva), there will be, among other things, root salad and Caesar salad, “Old School” and Art Burger, My Way Burger with smoked brisket strips and schnitzels and chips, of course.

Moses Shop

Yango Deli

(credit: Ohad Aridan)

The yellow retail app celebrates Passover with a warm embrace of hard work and a fundamental decision to sell chametz. In parallel, Yango Deli will allow users in the app to filter between kosher Passover products and “regular” products and will offer special chametz deals.

There will be here, among other things, a pair of pizza snacks from convenience stores for NIS 70, a six-pack of beers and a wine stein for NIS 59.90, and also three packs of Osam noodles for NIS 21.

Yango Deli


(credit: TNX)

The social gift network is ready for the holiday with excellent content packages and surprises, and even more excellent added value.

You can find here, among other things, chocolate and wine boxes, spa and design packages, snacks and tea blends, candles, Passover Haggadot, and also branded options for businesses and companies – all packaged by people with disabilities.



(credit: Yummi)

The Israeli cooking website is prepared for the holiday with diverse options for the Seder night, promises for packages, discounts, and many, many tasty dishes.

There will be dozens of kitchens and options here, including almost every grandmother’s home cooking – focusing on Paleo and vegan kitchens, and extraordinary responsiveness to customer needs.


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