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Officials continue searching for 3 missing in Alaska landslide

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Officials continue searching for 3 missing in Alaska landslide

The strategy has changed from “active” search to “reactive,” officials said.

Officials in Wrangell, Alaska, said Thursday they have resumed their search for the adult and two children who went missing after a deadly landslide hit the region, however, they said their efforts have changed from an “active” strategy to “reactive.”

The state’s Dept. of Public Safety said they had searched the region with several resources including K9s, drones, boats and helicopters since the landslide struck Monday night, but have not found any signs of the remaining missing persons.

“After three separate active search efforts…search teams have reached all areas accessible without heavy machinery,” the agency said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

“It remains a priority of the State of Alaska and your Alaska State Troopers to locate the three missing Alaskans so that we can bring closure to their families and their community,” the Department of Public Safety added.

The landslide was reported along the Zimovia Highway at mile 11 shortly before 9 p.m. local time Monday.

The bodies of three people, two adults and a juvenile girl, were recovered by search and rescue teams as of Tuesday evening.

Officials said they plan on releasing the identities of the three deceased people Friday.

A woman who lived on the mountainside of the highway was rescued Tuesday morning and was listed in good condition, according to officials.

Three homes were determined to be directly in the path of the landslide — two houses on the mountainside and one on the waterside of the highway — according to the Department of Public Safety. One of the mountainside homes is believed to have been empty at the time, officials said.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has declared a state disaster in the state.

The landslide is estimated to have measured 500 feet across the highway, officials said.

Officials said that emergency crews will begin to start clearing the roadway and look if the missing three people are buried.

“If new evidence or information suggests that any missing people may be in a specific area or slide zone, the Alaska State Troopers may restart the active search focused on that new area,” the Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

ABC News’ Meredith Deliso contributed to this report.

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