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NY’s Schumer Reveals Contempt for His Personal State’s Voters


NY’s Schumer Reveals Contempt for His Personal State’s Voters

Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has been attempting to intestine the filibuster rule to bulldoze two harmful election payments by means of Congress. 

Whereas the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Development Act have many reckless, unwise provisions that might destroy the integrity and safety of elections, there are two provisions specifically that illustrate Schumer’s disdain for the voters of his personal state and the way these payments are a direct assault on democracy.

Among the many many dangerous provisions within the Freedom to Vote Act (which ought to actually be known as the Freedom to Cheat Act) are two that might power states to implement same-day voter registration (Part 1031) and no-fault absentee voting (Part 1301).

Similar-day voter registration would require states to permit a person to register to vote in a polling place on Election Day after which instantly vote, giving election officers no time to verify the accuracy of the registration info or the voter’s eligibility. 

It additionally makes it troublesome for election officers to anticipate the variety of ballots and election employees wanted in any given precinct. When mixed with one other provision within the invoice that guts state picture voter ID legal guidelines, it’s an invite to fraud.

The no-fault absentee voting provision would compel states to permit anybody to make use of an absentee poll and override state legal guidelines that require an excuse, corresponding to being disabled or out of city on Election Day. 

Nobody disputes that we have to have absentee ballots for people who can’t make it to the polls for such causes. Nevertheless, rising mail-in balloting is not a good idea as a result of such ballots are way more topic to fraud and delayed supply than ballots solid in a polling place. 

Absentee ballots are voted exterior the supervision of election officers and out of doors the statement of ballot observers and have been acknowledged because the “software of alternative” of vote thieves. 

Moreover, whereas states have bans on electioneering in polling locations, there are not any prohibitions on electioneering in voters’ houses. That makes voters weak to intimidation and strain by candidates, marketing campaign staffers, political occasion activists, and paid political operatives.

The voters of New York acknowledge these dangers and don’t need such guidelines of their state. How do we all know that? As a result of in final November’s election, they defeated makes an attempt to implement same-day registration and no-fault absentee voting in New York. 

Referendum 3, which might have carried out same-day voter registration, was defeated resoundingly, 58% to 42%. Most states require people to register earlier than an election. New York’s deadline is 25 days earlier than Election Day.  

When mixed with the truth that New York has no ID requirement, same-day registration raises severe safety issues. Anybody prepared to cheat can stroll into any polling place (or locations), register below a faux identify and tackle, solid a poll, then stroll out of the polling place scot-free—and election officers can do completely nothing to cease it.

Referendum 4, which might have carried out no-fault absentee balloting, was additionally soundly defeated 56% to 44%. New York, like a number of different states, permits absentee ballots for use by voters who’re sick, bodily disabled, or absent on Election Day.

But Schumer and New York’s different Democratic senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, are each attempting to get a invoice by means of the Senate that might go instantly towards the desire of their constituents within the state they characterize. That illustrates their contempt for their very own voters.

Furthermore, what may very well be extra anti-democratic than overriding the desire of the voters of New York—as expressed in an election—by which they particularly stated they needed neither of these insurance policies carried out of their state? 

Schumer and Gillibrand will not be attempting to protect voting rights as they declare. They’re attempting to disenfranchise the voters of New York and the choices these voters made within the final election.

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