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NewJeans’ Hanni sets a new short hair trend with her refreshing bob haircut


NewJeans’ Hanni sets a new short hair trend with her refreshing bob haircut

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NewJeans has risen as one of the most popular 4th generation girl groups in the K-pop industry, continually setting new trends and crazes.

The girls have set another new trend, in particular, member Hanni with her refreshing short bob haircut.

For the group’s latest comeback with their double single “Bubble Gum” and “How Sweet,” Hanni returned with a choppy bob haircut that has captured the hearts of fans and netizens.

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Many netizens are eager to try the short bob haircut, inspired by how refreshing and adorable Hanni looks with it.

Korean netizens commented
“She looks so adorable in that haircut.”

“I want to try that hair too.”

“I think Hanni looks good it in that hair because she’s Hanni.”

“She looks like a cartoon character.”

“She’s so loveable.”

“That haircut is so refreshing.”

“I can’t believe it’s a wig though.”

“Looks so natural despite it being a wig.”

“She’s so cute.”

“I want to cut my hair short too.”

“That choppy haircut would be hard to pull off but Hanni looks so cute.”

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