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Netizens react to the power of post-production pitch correction

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Netizens react to the power of post-production pitch correction

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With the help of advanced technology, individuals with less-than-perfect singing voices can now transform into seasoned singers through the magic of post-production processing.�

On March 30th, a post comparing the sounds before and after the pitch correction garnered attention online. The first video below is the original live clip of a popular YouTuber, and the second video below shows the same live clip after post-production vocal tuning to correct the off-key notes.�

Over 300 netizens reacted to the power of post-production pitch correction without compromising the natural timbre of the singer’s voice after comparing these two videos. Some of the comments include: “Wow so it’s all fake.”

“This is why people are getting obsessed with encore stages.”

“Honestly this clip made me even more surprised.”�

“You can really tell all YouTube channels or shows do post-production vocal tuning, including Dingo.”

“This is why less and less singers are willing to sing live.”

“Now I understand the obsession over encore stages.”

“I guess when you see an artist won’t sing during the encore stage then you know that artist can’t sing that song lol How can you trust the recorded songs.”

“This is why you have to see the encore stage. Although there is a case when someone altered the encore stage too.”

“Honestly, pitch correcting an encore stage will be left as a historical incident in the K-pop scene.”

“This is why I don’t trust YouTube videos claiming to be ‘live’ singing.”

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