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“My Sibling’s Romance” Announces Strong Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors And Posts


“My Sibling’s Romance” Announces Strong Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors And Posts

My Sibling’s Romance” production team will be responding strongly to malicious rumors regarding the participants!

On July 9, the production team of “My Sibling’s Romance” from JTBC and Wavve announced through their official account that they will take legal action against malicious posts involving their participants.

Read their full announcement below:


This is the production team of “My Sibling’s Romance.”

Despite our program recently ending, we continue to observe malicious comments, slander against our non-celebrity participants, and the spread of false information online.

These actions exceed constructive criticism and significantly harm the reputations of our participants. Moreover, they pose a serious threat to their daily lives and mental well-being.

In order to protect our participants, we intend to take strong action against the dissemination of false information and any acts that defame them. We are actively collaborating with our legal team to gather evidence thoroughly.

Please be informed that we will pursue all necessary legal measures, both civil and criminal.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Kindly refrain from unfairly attacking contestants and spreading false information.

Thank you.

“My Sibling’s Romance” is a family-meddling dating show where siblings gather to search for love. This is the first program to be presented by producing director (PD) Lee Jin Joo, who previously led “EXchange,” following her move to JTBC. The program recently concluded on June 14.

Watch “My Sibling’s Romance” below:

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