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MRSA outbreakt at Almere hospital’s baby ward


MRSA outbreakt at Almere hospital’s baby ward

An outbreak of the MRSA bacteria at the Flevoziekenhuis has infected three babies and three healthcare workers. The discovery prompted the hospital to stop admitting babies in the neonatal department at the Almere medical facility for the time being, the hospital said on Thursday.

MRSA is a type of antibiotic resistant staph bacteria that can be serious for people with a weaker immune system. The infection can lead to boils, impetigo, or more serious problems, like sepsis, bone infections, or pneumonia.

“Because we treat patients in the hospital who may have fragile health, we are taking all measures necessary to prevent the spread,” said Flevoziekenhuis microbiology physician Paul Gruteke.

“Acute care can continue, for example in case of emergency deliveries, for which we have taken special measures,” the hospital said.

The hospital is keeping nursing babies in isolation rooms, taking more cleaning precautions, and preventively testing employees. The hospital will track the source of the outbreak, and was in the process of notifying the parents and guardians of babies who were recently admitted to the hospital.

The hospital noted that anyone can carry the MRSA bacteria, and the risk of infection is generally small for healthy individuals. MRSA is the abbreviation of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

“Because MRSA is less sensitive to antibiotics, MRSA can easily maintain and spread in a hospital. In addition, patients in a hospital are often more susceptible to infection due to reduced resistance, surgery or chronic condition,” the hospital said.

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