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Michael Saylor – Thousands of hours dedicated to Bitcoin

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Michael Saylor – Thousands of hours dedicated to Bitcoin

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Fenelon L.

Michael Saylor, a fervent supporter of Bitcoin and founder of MicroStrategy, recently revealed the impressive number of hours he has dedicated to the deep study of the first cryptocurrency. An approach that has allowed him to fully grasp the scope of this revolutionary digital asset.

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The journey from skeptic to Bitcoin evangelist

During his appearance on the “Visao de Lider” podcast, Michael Saylor retraced his intellectual journey with Bitcoin. Initially skeptical after only 20 hours of observation, fearing a ban on this asset which he compared to online gambling, his perception radically evolved through his research.

After surpassing 100 hours of study, he began to see the potential of Bitcoin, thus describing it as a “high-quality digital asset,” even surpassing gold. His opinion solidified after 1,000 hours of analysis, considering Bitcoin as “probably the best digital asset.”

But it was truly after several thousand hours of total immersion that the entrepreneur fully realized the magnitude and implications of Bitcoin, in terms of technology, economy, and society.

A vector for financial emancipation on a global scale

In Michael Saylor’s eyes, Bitcoin represents much more than just a speculative investment vehicle. He truly sees it as a tool for economic empowerment for the 8 billion people on our planet.

You come to the conclusion that it’s a tool of financial emancipation, that it embodies a property right for eight billion individuals, that it represents the singularity where engineering, science, and math collide with economics and politics“, he asserts fervently.

Armed with these convictions gained from thousands of hours of research, Michael Saylor did not hesitate to convert a substantial portion of MicroStrategy’s treasury into bitcoins. As a result, the company currently holds over 214,000 BTC, which is approximately $13 billion at current rates. A daring bet that reflects the unshakeable confidence of its leader in the future of crypto.

Michael Saylor points out the lack of knowledge among Bitcoin detractors. According to him, no critic has really taken the time to delve into the subject and understand its ins and outs.

In summary, Michael Saylor’s journey perfectly illustrates the importance of rigorous and deep study to grasp the true potential of Bitcoin. By devoting thousands of hours to analyzing this innovative asset, he overcame his initial biases to become one of its most fervent evangelists.

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Fenelon L.

Passionné par le Bitcoin, j’aime explorer les méandres de la blockchain et des cryptos et je partage mes découvertes avec la communauté. Mon rêve est de vivre dans un monde où la vie privée et la liberté financière sont garanties pour tous, et je crois fermement que Bitcoin est l’outil qui peut rendre cela possible.


The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and should not be taken as investment advice. Do your own research before taking any investment decisions.

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