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Michael Saylor Makes Crucial Bitcoin (BTC) AI Statement


Michael Saylor Makes Crucial Bitcoin (BTC) AI Statement

MicroStrategy’s executive chairman has issued bullish Bitcoin AI message to BTC community

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Michael Saylor, Bitcoin maximalist and cofounder of business intelligence behemoth MicroStrategy, has set the world’s cryptocurrency community abuzz with his recent message about Bitcoin and artificial intelligence.

Saylor believes that these two are going to form a successful tandem in the future.

Saylor’s Bitcoin AI statement to community

Vocal Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor, according to his earlier tweets, supports not only the world’s flagship cryptocurrency BTC, but also another technological trend that emerged recently and is getting hotter and more controversial every day – artificial intelligence (AI).

His recent tweet, published on July 9, says, “AI prefers Bitcoin.” This triggered a mixed reaction from the cryptocurrency community, as many agreed with Saylor’s statement, while others shared different takes on this issue.

In June, Michael Saylor tweeted that he expects AI to create “enormous amounts of wealth.” Thus, he echoed a similar prediction about the prospects of artificial intelligence given by venture capitalist Anthony Pompliano during one of his appearances on CNBC.

According to a PwC report, over the next six years, AI could contribute a whopping $15.7 million to the global economy. Products that will be created by this technology are likely to provide a massive increase in consumer demand, Pompliano believes.

As for the Bitcoin and AI combination, Saylor did not go into detail about it in his tweet. However, other tech influencers mentioned similar prospects for the future earlier this year. Among them was former Meta and Facebook executive David Markus. He believes that Bitcoin may become a primary currency of AI agents in the near future.

Bitcoin fails to surpass $59,400

Over the last 24 hours, the largest global cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, demonstrated an impressive price surge as BTC gained 3.21%.

However, the initial increase was higher, comprising 4.24%. Bitcoin first reached the $59,400 zone but was then pushed back down to the $58,790 level, where it is changing hands at the time of writing.

Last week, Bitcoin experienced a large dip, falling by more than 15% and going slightly under the $54,000 level as it fell from $64,000, shedding $1,000. This week, the biggest BTC fall constituted roughly 6% between Sunday and Monday. Overall, the Bitcoin decline continues despite multiple attempts by bulls to push the BTC price back up.

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