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Meghan McCain Is Still Obsessed with The View


Meghan McCain Is Still Obsessed with The View

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I’d let them put an iPod Nano between my shoulder blades if it means I can stop hearing Meghan McCain whine about The View.
Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Much like a washed up graduate who can’t stop trying to relive the glory days at their alma mater, Meghan McCain once again can’t stop talking about The View. McCain, also known as every Watch What Happens Live viewer’s nightmare, took to Twitter this week to complain about The View mentioning her — despite the fact that the show did not mention her. What McCain was referring to is a clip of Sara Haines talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attacks on Dr. Fauci, during which she alludes to past criticism of Fauci that happened on their very show. “It started, I remember, with someone here getting so mad about Dr. Fauci,” Haines says, before Joy Behar wonders, “Someone here?” People online picked up on that brief reference, assuming that Haines was referring to McCain’s past attacks on Fauci. Not one to miss an opportunity to talk about The View, she quote-tweeted the exchange, writing in part, “These women will never quit me.”

Or is it the other way around? In October 2023, McCain said she doesn’t watch The View at all but misses the wardrobe people. In November 2023, she spoke about her exit, saying, “What I thought I wanted was the most miserable I was in my entire life.” In December 2023, she said the co-hosts were “crazy old people” who bully, abuse, and yell at her. In March 2024, she said her former co-hosts “hate conservatives and men.” Also in March 2024, she accused the show of editing an interview clip, when in fact they simply went to commercial. In April 2024, she recalled yelling during a Hot Topics meeting that the room needs to interact with “people who don’t make $100,000 a year or more.” In May 2024, she said there’s “not a chance in hell” she’d return, while also name-dropping previous co-hosts she thinks she’s friendly with. And just days ago she railed against Jennifer Lopez’s appearance on the show, saying, “I was a host at The View, she was not nice.” Oh, was she a host at The View? We hadn’t heard.

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