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Mayor of Chicago ‘Yo, Dudes


Mayor of Chicago ‘Yo, Dudes

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For a city in the thick of slogging through illegal immigration throes – besides the myriad other problems plaguing them – they sure seem to have time to waste on the strangest things. Karen covered Mayor Brandon Johnson’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza, seemingly oblivious to the warzones in his own city.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war on Thursday. He was immediately taken to task on social media.

Self awareness is hard and Mayor Johnson is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Chicago is well-known for its crime rate, including a high rate of shootings. It is a city known for its murder rate.

Obligingly, and with a sense of true pride and accomplishment, the City Council answered his call.


The news was received with the gravitas it deserved.

…Saturday Night Live mocks Chicago’s City Council for passing a resolution last week calling for a ceasefire in Gaze

“In return, Gaza called for a ceasefire in Chicago,” SNL Weekend Update co-host Michael Che quips, making light of the city focusing on violence across the globe before clamping down on violence within its own borders.

What’s Mayor Johnson been up to since that momentous move? 

Well, he’s still fussing about all those illegals, and pretty ineffectually. 

The state is clueless as to what the mayor’s doing or his future plans.

Johnson is constantly squawking for federal help while not really alleviating any of the concerns that Chicago residents are not shy about expressing. Word on the street is that he’s more than a bit frazzled by the size of the desk he’s trying to ride and that’s starting to take a toll on what little job performance he’s managed so far.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is “stressed out” and has been admitted to the hospital for panic attacks. That’s according to veteran Chicago journalists John Kass and Anita Padilla, who discussed Johnson’s panic attacks on an episode of WGN-AM’s Chicago Way Podcast.

“The mayor’s panic attacks? Can we talk about that?” Kass said. “No amount of anti-depressants can cure him of (Chicago’s illegal alien) problem.

Padilla said Johnson has sought out professional medical help for stress.

John Kass is Mr. Chicago, so people believe the man and his associates when they speak to an issue. So much so that a Democrat who has his eyes on an Illinois house seat is calling for a Brandon Johnson recall on the grounds that, besides the fact the fellow just isn’t up to the job, Johnson has also denied his citizens a voice in determining whether Chicago stays a “Sanctuary City” or not. 

llinois House of Representatives candidate Andre Smith has demanded a recall of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson on Friday amid an influx of migrants in the city.

Our mayor has no plan now; he’s having panic attacks. We need to actually recall the mayor,” Smith, a Democrat and the founder of the Chicago Against Violence organization, said on Fox & Friends. “It’s a disaster, and it all falls on the mayor, Brandon Johnson; that’s why I’m pushing strongly that we repeal the mayor.”

Smith, who is running for election in the Illinois House of Representatives for District 5, said that while he is a Democrat, he believes in choice but also supports “shutting and closing the border.”

“When I’m out talking to people, residents and voters, they’re frustrated, they’re angry, they feel left out and forgotten about. They feel that the mayor, Brandon Johnson, took their votes and their voice and did not allow them to vote whether they wanted a sanctuary city or not,” Smith said.

Chicago residents are more united every day on the “HAY-YUL NO” side of the Sanctuary City question. Entire neighborhoods are filing lawsuits and are tremendously angry that the right to vote to reject sanctuary status was stripped from them by Johnson and his rubber-stamp progressive city council.

It could also be that additional pressure making the increasingly fragile Johnson seem so testy when a reporter doesn’t play nice at a press conference or public event. By “play nice,” I mean ask him a real question.

A reporter did just that day before yesterday, when he was queried if he planned on personally going to the border, considering what is happening in his city. The mayor exploded and it was absolutely wild.

Excuse me, sir – didn’t you run for this particular job? I mean, no one held a gun to your head…although granted, it is Chicago.

…”I have children who attend schools who have soccer games, y’all,” Johnson said on Monday at a public event when asked if he would visit the border, according to video posted on social media. “You know, you all are asking me as if I’m not a parent in this city. I get it, I’m mayor, but you’re asking me to give you a date.

Do you understand that you have not had a mayor like me? I get that. I have a wife, I have children, they have schedules. And plus, we still have public safety that we have to address, we still have the unhoused that we have to address, I still have a budget that I have to address.”

He added: “And I’m doing all of that with a Black wife, raising three Black children on the west side of the city of Chicago. I am going to the border as soon as possible.”

Your family is black? You’re black? How interesting.


…”So wait the far-left Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson says he can’t do his job because he’s black?” wrote Fox News host Harris Faulkner. “There are great Americans who do their jobs everyday— no matter what their skin color is. Not any part of what we look like determines OUR WILL. He needs Jesus.”

Gracious.  I do think people understand they have not “had a mayor” like you.

They’ve got themselves a live one there.

Good luck with that.

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