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Man from Oldenzaal suspected of hiding a body in his house


Man from Oldenzaal suspected of hiding a body in his house

A man from Oldenzaal is suspected of hiding a dead body in his house and being involved in the person’s death, the police confirmed on Monday. The police and the fire brigade found the body on Sunday after reports of a strange smell coming from the home on Berkstraat.

The man was then arrested for insulting police officers, because he wanted access to the crime scene. He was also accused of disobeying official instructions. The other accusations regarding the man were added later, the police said.

The police told reporters that various possible scenarios are being investigated, “one of which is the scenario that this was a violent crime.” The identity of the deceased person is still unknown. “This is also a part of the investigation.”

RTV Oost reported that the deceased individual is a relative of the suspect, possibly his aunt. Acquaintances of the suspect also told the regional broadcaster that the woman had been staying in the home for months. Allegedly, the man was hardly ever at the there due to problems with the landlord.

The body was in an “advanced state of decomposition,” according to the regional broadcaster, who also reported that emergency services received several calls about foul odors over the last few months.

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