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Man arrested for driving SUV into NYC subway station entrance

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Man arrested for driving SUV into NYC subway station entrance

A man was arrested Friday for driving an SUV onto a sidewalk before getting the vehicle jammed inside a Washington Heights subway station entrance, cops said.

The man, driving a black Nissan Rogue, jumped the curb before driving on the sidewalk and ultimately getting the car wedged inside the narrow 1 train subway station entrance on 157th Street near Broadway, cops confirmed.

The “vehicle went onto the sidewalk and collided with the subway stairway entrance,” a police spokesman said.

The car was driven into the 1 train entrance on 157th Street in Washington Heights Friday morning.
TikTok / @martymorua
The unidentified driver has not yet been charged.
TikTok / @martymorua
The suspect was treated inside an ambulance before being taken to a nearby police station for questioning.
No one was injured in the shocking morning crash.

The incident took place around 9:12 a.m. before the man was cuffed. He has not yet been charged.

There were no injuries.

The NYPD Emergency Services Unit was called in to help dislodge the car from the stairs.

A man posted a video of the car stuck in the entrance and first responders and ambulances close by.

Chains could be seen attached to the Nissan and connecting to another car that was presumably about to pull the SUV out.

“Oh, my goodness. You people are not going to believe this one,” the man said in the video posted on Marty Morua’s TikTok account.

“Holy smokes! Look at this!”

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