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MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa slays ILLIT’s ‘Magnetic’ dance challenge in sexy style

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MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa slays ILLIT’s ‘Magnetic’ dance challenge in sexy style

1713723872 hwasa

Hwa Sa has gained attention for her brief cover of ILLIT‘s “Magnetic” dance moves.

Korean netizens are abuzz discussing MAMAMOO‘s Hwa Sa’s smoldering rendition of ILLIT’s “Magnetic” dance challenge. According to the netizens, clips of her captivating performance have gone viral, captivating international fans with her electrifying stage presence.

Dressed in a button-up and a mini skirt, Hwa Sa exudes confidence as she takes on the challenge, infusing the routine with her unique style.

This different vibe of “Magnetic” attracted various reactions, from netizens expressing shock to wishing that she would “sing the song, too.”


“She knows what the highlight of this dance is”

“Such a hot girl”

“Omg the outfit”
“Why has she stopped T_T I want to see more at the end”
“Please sing the song for us, too”
“Please sing the song T_T”

“So cute how she gets shy though haha”
“She’s so good at dancing”
“The outfit is so shocking”
“Are we in the Joseon era or something? What is it with the reactions here. It’s not like she’s even wearing a bra top alone”
“Her gestures are so sexy”
“Of course she’d be good”
“If she had sung the song while doing it this whole thing would have been amazing”

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