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Major Collaboration to Transform Education in Curaçao!

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Major Collaboration to Transform Education in Curaçao!

Major Collaboration to Transform Education in Curaçao!

Major Collaboration to Transform Education in Curaçao!

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking agreement signed between the AAEPO
agency for accreditation of educational programs and organizations in Kyrgyzstan, represented
by Dr. Ismailov, Director, and Dr. Nasyrov, Advisor, and the esteemed Government’s Education

Minister, Mr. Sithree Van Heydoorn, and Inspector-General, Dr. Sirving Keli Feiijdi Narvaez-
Ayubi Senior Policy Maker Ministry of Education in Curaçao. This significant milestone is set to

revolutionize the local education sector and bring about positive change for our community.
During the momentous occasion, Dr. Murali Ginjupalli, Chancellor, and Dr. Danna Soria, Vice
Chancellor of St. Martinus University, were also present, adding their expertise and support to
the collaboration. Their presence further demonstrates the commitment and dedication of key
stakeholders in advancing the educational landscape.

This agreement represents a major step forward towards enhancing the quality and standards
of education in Curaçao. The AAEPO agency’s vast experience in accrediting educational
programs and organizations, coupled with the support and cooperation of the Government’s
Education Ministry, ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to transforming our local
education system.
We are truly excited about the positive changes that will unfold as a result of this collaboration.
The agreement aims to address various aspects, including curriculum development, quality
assurance, teacher training, and infrastructure enhancement. By implementing these vital
improvements, we are confident that we will create a nurturing and empowering educational
environment for our students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to
succeed in a rapidly evolving world.
I would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to everyone who played a role in making this
landmark agreement a reality. The combined efforts of the AAEPO agency, the Government’s
Education Ministry, Dr. Ginjupalli, Dr. Soria, and all other contributors have paved the way for a
brighter future for our community. This collaboration serves as an inspiring example of what can
be achieved through partnership and shared vision.
As we embark on this exciting journey of transformation, let us embrace the possibilities and
work together to shape an educational system that empowers our students and prepares them
for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we can build a stronger, more
prosperous future for Curaçao!
#EducationTransformation #PartnershipForChange #EmpoweringStudents

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