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London Lord Mayor wants to improve ties between the Netherlands and UK


London Lord Mayor wants to improve ties between the Netherlands and UK

The ties between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom must be further strengthened on important themes such as the energy transition, sustainability, and climate change, said Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli of the City of London during a visit to The Hague. He claimed that the ties are already very strong, and it is important that they are cherished now that both countries have new governments.

Mainelli’s century-old job position is the most important representative of the British capital’s financial district, and should not be confused with the mayor of London, a job currently held by Sadiq Khan. Mainelli is visiting the Netherlands this week to promote London as a financial center. He will visit ING, the Dutch-British Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

In an interview at the residence of the British ambassador in The Hague, Mainelli said that there are close relations between the countries regarding large companies like Shell and Unilever.

He added that both trading nations have many interests in common, such as energy, sustainability, fintech, and climate change. “We, therefore, want deeper relationships. We have had good ties for centuries.”

According to Mainelli, the City of London is not just an international financial hub but also an important player in the areas of science and technology. He is also looking for cooperation in areas like artificial intelligence, space travel, and mental health. He called the City of London a center for problem solving.

The British capital’s financial district is also ready to work with the new Labour government to stimulate growth and promote British business interests abroad, he said. Mainelli expressed optimism about Labour’s plans to boost growth, including through significant investments in infrastructure and sustainable energy projects.

Labour has also said that they want to improve ties with the European Union by removing obstructions to trade, for example. Good relations between the EU and the United Kingdom are positive, said Mainelli, and good for consumers as prices can drop because of them. This is also beneficial for mutual trade between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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