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Levi Silvanie ta aclaria video viral diabierna 9:30 am riba 24ora


Levi Silvanie ta aclaria video viral diabierna 9:30 am riba 24ora

Recientemente a surgi un video publica riba e plataforma di Facebook di e cantante Levi Silvanie. Den esaki Levi ta splica un poco di e retonan cu e ta enfrentando pa dos aña caba cu su salud mental. E artista a conta cu ya ta pa algun tempo caba cu e ta batayando cu depresion.

El a añadi cu e ta sinti su mes cansa y cu te cu e por corda semper el a ‘struggle’ ‘tras dje pantaya’ y cu a yega un punto cu el a aleha completamente di e personanan mas cerca di dje. Tambe el a conta con e tin un luna bayendo tratamento cu un psicologo paso e mes ya no sa mas kico pa haci pa lidia cu e enfermedad aki.

Dicho video a crea conmocion entre esunnan cu a wak e ya cu hopi hende a kere cu e tabata mandando un mensahe un poco controversial. Sinembargo, esaki no tabata e intencion di e artista. Pa clarifica esaki, e artista lo bay publica un otro video den cual e ta bay splica kico en berdad tabata su intencion cu e video.

Esaki ta e video cu Silvanie a publica splicando su retonan cu salud mental.

Levi Silvanie – Video Note

I’ve struggled with mental challenges for as long as I can remember. Feeling extreme anxiety whenever there are people around. My obsession with perfection ends up in depression. And I get paralyzed by the fear of failure.By the end of 2020, it got worse. I felt lost and depressed. It seemed like I was losing hope in everything, including my own life. This time, I decided to open up about it. And honestly, It’s by far one of the scariest sh*t I’ve ever done.It’s almost been a year. Opening up to my family and seeking professional help was one of the best things I could have done. Having a support system and being able to talk about it, with people that are willing to listen without judgment – can be a very empowering force.As I learn how to improve my health and take care of myself, I feel an urge to use my voice to empower the many other people that might be struggling right now, and not knowing what to do. If you are- or know someone that’s going through something similar; please reach out to a loved one or someone that could listen to you. An option is to seek professional help, just like I did. In the end, you’ll have to work on your health yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone.If you are not dealing with mental health challenges, but want to help; please educate yourself on this matter. Pay attention to the people around you and be open to patiently giving support. Remember that mental challenges aren’t often recognized from the outside.I send love, strength, and courage to you who feel the need to open up and seek help. And I salute each and every one of you who have been here before and didn’t give up on yourself. Your experience can be a motivation to others – don’t be afraid to tell your story.And to everyone at the frontline of being a support and of service to those in need – thank you – you are helping to save lives every day.By sharing this video you could help someone who might be struggling right now. Furthermore, you can find helpful resources and more at www.levisilvanie.comLastly, to my fans; hopefully, this message clarifies my absence. I will continue to work on my health in the broadest sense. And I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. But for now, I personally remain off the social media grid for a while. I understand that this message will have an impact. And it might even drive you to want to reach out to me. Management will take care of my Social Media accounts, therefore you will not be able to reach me directly. But I do invite you to join the conversation @gsmemiss Instagram page.Thanks for your continued love and support. Please respect my privacy. – Levi.

Posted by Levi Silvanie on Sunday, October 17, 2021

Keda pendiente pa esun cu lo première mañan riba

Ken ta Levi Silvanie?

Levi Juda Nathaniel Silvanie ta un artista independiente, a cuminsa como drummer y a bira cantante, compositor, productor, escritor y entrepreneur. El a nace na Corsou dia 7 di november 1987. Levi a funda Open House Concert como tambe Gs Me Miss. E ta canta cantica na Ingles como tambe na Papiamento den e ritmo Afro-Latino combina cu musica popular. Nan sa yam’e ‘the singer-songwriter of sunshine soul’.

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