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Léna Situations Denounces a Sophisticated Scam


Léna Situations Denounces a Sophisticated Scam

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Scams have always been and will remain in the crypto universe. Recently, influencer Léna Situations warned her millions of followers about a scam using her image to promote cryptocurrency. This article dives into the heart of the matter by unveiling the workings of this sophisticated scam and exploring how scammers exploit new technologies to trap traders.

Comédien, tour Eiffel et pièce de bitcoin

Scammers have found the cryptosphere to be a fertile ground for trapping and phishing traders. They even go as far as to use AI to sharpen their blade.

Recently, Léna Situations’ image was hijacked to promote a fake trading platform for bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos. The scammers invented a fictional interview with Yann Barthès, where the influencer allegedly revealed a foolproof method to become a millionaire, reports Le Parisien.

In reality, everything is fake, from fake news articles to fake testimonials from celebrities like Bernard Arnault and Cyril Hanouna.

These sophisticated schemes use visual codes from reputable sites like Le Figaro to deceive internet users, encouraging them to invest in fraudulent platforms promising unrealistic returns.

Cryptos, the new hunting ground for scammers

Technology, and especially artificial intelligence, plays a central role in the arsenal of crypto scammers. Platforms like “ Finzox AI ” promise quick gains without prior trading knowledge, attracting novices like moths to a flame.

Scams are becoming more and more elaborate, with fake videos and invented testimonials to legitimize their false promises.

Léna Situations is not the only victim: other celebrities like Vincent Cassel and Jamel Debbouze have also seen their images used for fraudulent purposes.

Complaints are increasing, with more than 2,000 victims reported in Paris against platforms like OmegaPro, accused of fraud and breach of trust.

account-instagram-lena situationsaccount-instagram-lena situations
Screenshot of Lena Situations’ Instagram account

Vigilance is essential in the crypto world. Although scams are ubiquitous, even on dating sites, they do not detract from the fun and innovative potential of cryptocurrency.

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Mikaia A.

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