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Laureano Rodrigo: “We want to create a smoke free future in Aruba”


Laureano Rodrigo: “We want to create a smoke free future in Aruba”

This year, Philip Morris International brought it worldwide campaign Unsmoke your world to Aruba. This initiative aims to create relevant conversations towards a smoke free future.  Through the site, the company seeks to propose a rigorous debate in Aruba around lower risk alternatives for smokers, while providing scientific substantiated information, so that adult smokers who will not stop smoking have better alternatives to reduce the risk of harm substances exposure.

According to Laureano Rodrigo, Market Manager ABC for Philip Morris International, this campaign reflects the big transformation PMI is facing in order to change society and deliver a better smoke-free future.

“We truly understand, based on scientific evidence, that smoke is the primary cause of smoking-related diseases. Therefore, we want to promote quitting and never starting smoking as the best choice. However, Public health authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), estimate that there are more than 1 billion smokers around the world and there will still be over 1 billion smokers in 2025. For those adult smokers who will not stop smoking, we should have a plan. And that´s what we are doing: providing access to proper information about smoke-free alternatives, in order to make a switch to better options than continue to smoke”, Laureano Rodrigo explains.

When it comes to the smoke free products understanding, there is still a lot of confusion. A very important challenge is to get adults smokers to understand how cigarettes are directedly related to tabaco related diseases. Putting science at the heart of the discussion around regulation is vital to give adults who would otherwise continue to smoke the ability to understand how smoke-free alternatives differentiate from cigarettes and continued smoking to make informed decisions when it comes to their use.

“The main difference between traditional cigarettes and smoke free products is the absence of combustion in smoke free products, which also means lower risk of exposure to harmful substances. Scientific research findings confirm that the smoke that is generated by burning tobacco in a cigarette, in this case at over 400 Celsius degrees, is the core cause of the development of smoking related diseases. Scientific studies also confirm that products that heat tobacco instead of burning it significantly reduce the production of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals”, Laureano adds. “In fact, smoke-free alternatives like ours reduce up to 95% of toxic substances found in smoke”.

Among the main smoke-free alternatives are heated tobacco products, which are those that heat tobacco, without burning it, to temperatures below 350 degrees Celsius.

A smoke free future

Laureano Rodrigo explains that the company is committed to promote quitting and never starting smoking as the best choice. “Our mission is to create a future in which people stop smoking and never start again; and people who do not consume tobacco or nicotine products will never start consuming.  Therefore, our smoke free alternatives are strictly targeted to those adult smokers who otherwise will continue to smoke”.

The access to scientific substantiated information and all the resources they need to make an informed decision is vital. Recently, PMI released an international survey fielded among nearly 30,000 adults in 26 countries by independent research firm Povaddo. This survey reveals that too many adult smokers remain unaware that better alternatives to cigarettes exist. They also are unable to access them or are confused by false or misleading information that prevents them from making an informed choice.

According to the survey, there is clear public demand for a collective review of the facts and science about smoke-free products. Nearly eight in 10 respondents (79%) agree that adult smokers who would otherwise continue using cigarettes should have access to and accurate information about smoke-free alternatives. This view is shared by 87% of current adult smokers.

“People expect public health bodies and regulators to reach a scientific consensus around innovative smoke-free alternatives and provide adults who smoke with evidence-based information about these products. Misinformation about smoke-free alternatives—often based on opinion—is a persistent issue that is having real-world consequences. Embracing facts, innovative technologies, and science is the shared responsibility of industry, health authorities, and government, and it’s the least we can do to drive positive change for the world”, Laureano Rodrigo concluded. To find more information and relevant content regarding “Unsmoke your world” initiative, people can log on to There people can find information about what smoke-free alternatives are and what the current regulation is. People can also find talks and discussions to encourage balanced debate and access to rigorous information for adult smokers.

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