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Korean netizens react to BELIFT taking legal action against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin


Korean netizens react to BELIFT taking legal action against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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It was previously reported that BELIFT LAB, ILLIT‘s agency, filed a complaint against ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin on May 22 KST, alleging obstruction of business and defamation. They refuted Min Hee Jin’s plagiarism allegations against ILLIT and provided evidence to counter the claims. 

BELIFT LAB emphasized the need for fair judgment in intellectual property disputes and expressed concern over the impact of baseless accusations on their artists. The dispute escalated when HYBE accused Min Hee Jin of breach of trust, prompting her to defend her concerns about ILLIT’s alleged plagiarism of NewJeans during an emergency press conference.

In response, Korean netizens shared their thoughts on a Korean online community. 

She was just quietly protesting against them hahahahaha The one who made it public was HYBE hahahaha.”
I guess you really have to have no shame to copy people like that in this industry.” 

They just don’t know how to have shame, and instead they file a complaint haha.” 

Hahaha, this will likely create a new history regarding plagiarism. There are more than one or two things that Belift Lab copied.”
Go ahead and sue the entire nation, we have eyes and can see what’s happening.”

Public sentiment is going downhill….

Haha, you acted so shamelessly and you can’t handle it, so should you sue? Do you think the public is stupid? We need to boycott those people.” 

Wow they think the public are idiots.” 

Why is HYBE like being like that.” 

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