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Kes The Band Ignites Flip Flop Festival in Aruba


Kes The Band Ignites Flip Flop Festival in Aruba

By Lyndelle Nieuwkerk
June 3, 2024

This past weekend, the Flip Flop Festival in Aruba was graced with the electrifying performance of Kes, also known as Kes The Band. The renowned soca group took to the stage for the third time on the island, delivering a 50-minute performance that left the audience wanting more.

Led by the charismatic Kees Dieffenthaller, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Kes has a unique connection to Aruba, with Kees having distant family still residing on the island. Since their formation in 2005, the band has made waves in the music scene, achieving international fame in 2011 with their hit song “Wotless.” The band comprises Kees on lead vocals, Jon
Dieffenthaller on guitar, Riad Boochoon on bass, Dean James on drums, Mario Callendar on keyboards, and DJ Robbie Persaud.

Kes is known for their dynamic blend of soca, dancehall, afrobeat, reggae, and rock. On Saturday night, they tailored their setlist to captivate the Aruban audience, mixing their top soca hits with reggae and 80s rock classics. The moment they hit the stage, the atmosphere transformed, with the arena buzzing with energy as everyone danced and engaged with the

Returning after a six-year hiatus, the last Flip Flop Festival was held in 2018. This year’s event was exceptionally well-organized, featuring a variety of food trucks and well-stocked bars that kept attendees satisfied. Despite long lines at the bathrooms, the efficient staff ensured that the queues moved quickly, maintaining cleanliness and order throughout the night.

The Flip Flop Festival, which also featured performances by Mical Teja, Alex Sensation, Angel Dior, Ziggy Recado & The Nayamari, and local band Tsunami, was a resounding success. The arena was packed, both in the VIP sections and general admission. The festival concluded on time, wrapping up at 3:07 am with Kes’ spirited finale.

Kees Dieffenthaller expressed his excitement about returning to Aruba, noting, “We haven’t come to Aruba often, but every time we do, it is always a blessing. I enjoy bridging worlds together, and bringing the Caribbean islands together, our energies together, and the best way is through music.”

In a festival highlight, special guests of honor, the local Shoco beach owls, attended the event, adding a unique touch after a brief controversy that led to the venue change from Bushiri Beach to Harbor Arena. Thanks to Elite Entertainment, the quick move ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Kes’ performance was a perfect close to the Flip Flop Festival, leaving fans with memories of a night filled with love, joy, and exceptional music.



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